Evolution: Some Work-In-Progress pictures

These weeks of summer are busy and joyous!

After a rainy month of June, July seems to want to bless us with lots of sunshine and heat, I won’t complain!

It does become difficult though to hunker down and work especially when your studio is in the basement like mine.

I know, I know, why not work outside? The light is wonderful and the birds are singing and active, nature is all around.

But… there is so much stuff to take out, it’s much more difficult to concentrate and right now, I am finishing a large piece that would be a pain to move outside, would take time to set up and would be vulnerable to winds and sudden changes in the temperature.

So I block off some time and just get to it, with good light, surrounded with music and my art on the walls, in my own cocoon.

I started this latest project slowly in mid-March with the intention of finishing it by the end of April. I intended to submit it to an important exhibition, but life happened and I had to put everything on standby for about two months.

When I got back to it, we were almost entering summer with all its glory and distractions. But now, how I love it and I am excited to be almost finished.

I was so taken with this venture from the beginning and although it was dauntingly complex, I felt an unbelievable creative energy when I thought about it and a bond with this elephant, it’s story and the plight of all wild animals whose way of life is in danger because of the greed of humans.

More and more if these majestic beasts are born without tusks, pushing natural selection into Unnatural selection because of illegal poaching for their ivory. I will write more in details on this later.

Enthralled with it as I was, I continued forward, now without an end in mind, all that mattered was to keep on moving despite delays, difficulties and life going on around me.

What is important, as with any project we want to complete, is the act of doing. Doing it, regardless of the unknown outcome. What is important is to run with our hope and never give up.

Sometimes, I only had an hour or two but  I kept on going. It almost becomes an act of faith, the certainty that you are moving forward and that by doing this, you are changing your world, you are creating something.

So this week I am sharing some work-in-progress pictures to show that there is more to the finished artwork than what you see in the gallery.

I hope you enjoy!

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding materials and colour mixes.


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    1. Thank you so much Mary! The colours may seem different depending on the light that day but when it’s finished, I will photograph it outside and in the shade. It is the best way to do it. I was planning on submitting it but I missed the deadline for this year which was in the middle of our April-May mayhem, perhaps next year xx

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