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Golden Watch
©2017 Suzanne Belair
Acrylic on canvas 30 X 30 in


From the corner

Golden warmth is keeping watch

Over the forest and its inhabitants

Have no fear

There is protection

For all that live within

Its boundaries

As long as you submit

To nature’s laws.


©2017 Suzanne Belair



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Enviroart par Suzanne Bélair




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©2017 Suzanne Bélair
Acrylique sur toile 30 X 30 po

Man wants to subdue the forest

To his power, to his needs

Man wants to tame the forest

But the forest is fighting

Each time it resists

After each attack, it regenerates

Indomitable, secret, new

Each time it reveals itself

Despite the assaults

Every time it relives


©2017 Suzanne Belair


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Enviroart par Suzanne Bélair




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Forest travels by Suzanne Belair

Forest travels
©2017Suzanne Belair
Acrylic on canvas 30 X 30 in

Today I am sharing a new painting finished in January. Forests are one of my favourite subjects and I really enjoy painting this new series.


The traveller is moving towards the other side of the trees, towards the future. So it is in life, where we are forced to move constantly and become someone new everyday of our life.
Change is constant and our travels through life are life changing. Learning something every day, being kind to others, progressing, building, changing ourselves or something.


Painting and writing are metaphors for life. We strive to do our best, we have to confront our fear of committing to color and shapes just as in life, we often fear committing to something, we fear making decisions.


A good example is related in a book I have been reading authored by Joseph T. Hallinan, “Why we make mistakes”. The author relates a scientific study that concluded that when faced with the choice, students prefer not change an answer on a test (i.e. prefer doing nothing) rather than make a decision to change their answer even when they suspected the change might end up being the right answer. In follow-up interviews, it was revealed that it is the notion of regret that influenced the students most. They were afraid of regretting taking the wrong action and they regretted less not taking action and leaving the wrong answer.


So often, we get stuck in this way in our life, being afraid to make a decision we might regret, we prefer not to do anything which in itself is a decision but is not perceived as such by the brain.


In conclusion, be bold, dare to step over the threshold into the unknown, for this is what life is all about. Travel fearlessly through your life’s forests.


Ref: Hallinan, J.T. 2009. “Why we make mistakes”. Broadway books. New York.



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Enviroart par Suzanne Bélair

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After close to 8 weeks unwanted break due to convalescing from my foot operation I am back to basics: Black and White painting before putting in the color.


©2016 Suzanne Belair-unfinished- 10 X 10 in

©2016 Suzanne Belair-unfinished- 10 X 10 in


I had a good time today working on this small painting that I will complete in the next few days and might or might not be the base for a larger canvas.


Although I feel like a kid in a candy store and want to paint anything and everything at this point. So I don’t really know if I’ll complete that one just yet.  I also worked on an experimental watercolour today and sealed some wood for further paintings.


Nice to be back in my studio after all this time ! The message here is to keep on going and never give up despite what is thrown at you !

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Enviroart par Suzanne Belair

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Been travelling through the Maritimes for a few weeks visiting and looking for art galleries and museums.


There has not been that much time to just walk and enjoy local art though.

What I found in Nova Scotia is that most local art is folk art. Galleries that define themselves as showing “Fine art” can comprise anything from paintings, to tole painting to photographs and a lot of giclées and reproductions. On the famous Cabot Trail, one said “Fine art gallery” even sold chocolates. We found this disappointing.

We found a really fun gallery in Petite Rivière, The Painted saltbox, owned and run by two artists Tom Alway and Peter Blais. This gallery and garden are worth the stop. The two owners are not only talented but so much fun to talk with. They seem to truly enjoy what they are doing and sharing their “joie de vivre”. The gallery displays their originals as well as various size reproductions of their own art. A very upbeat and happy place to visit.



In PEI, we found a nice gallery in the French River area, that of Tony Diodati.


This two floors gallery includes the artist studio and his art was quite interesting, comprising his own brightly coloured PEI scenes and reproductions.

Our trip continues…Tomorrow, we are moving from Shediac to St-Léonard for the Symposium Rendez-vous des Artistes in which I am a participating artist.
We are setting up tomorrow and the event runs from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st.
That should be a lot of fun with nightly activities for artists and visitors alike.

To see the program click here: http://www.rendezvousdesartistes.com/programmation/






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Finally, a bit of time yesterday to write and paint, even slipped in a lunch with a friend I had not seen in a while. Very enjoyable.

©2016 Suzanne Belair

©2016 Suzanne Belair

I started this painting before the move to my new studio and I wanted to express the soft colors of spring we were waiting for. The awakening of nature that always speaks to us.

It is not finished but I felt like sharing some of the steps with you.


To be followed…


© 2016 Suzanne Belair







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A simple winter morning, magnificent in all its beauty!



Can we really speak of simplicity when all this complexity is in front of our eyes?

What would we be without nature and its biodiversity?  Nothing

We need nature but she does not need us

When we’ll have destroyed it

She will slowly regenerate

But it will not be us or our descendants that will be enjoying it

Because when we will have annihilated her

Humanity will have perished

It is not too late

Let’s be conscious of our behaviours

And take action without delay!


©2016 words and photos Suzanne Belair


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