I am a full time visual artist and writer, who paints mainly in oil. I also have a BSc in biology (ecology and environment). I am the mother of three wonders, a wife, a friend, conflicted, constantly curious and learning.

I like to observe life and nature and to see beyond what is visible, to connect on a deep level with what surrounds me.

Our world is moving faster and faster and demands on our attention are constant as well as simultaneous. I like to create images that depict the accessible beauty, calm and intricacy of nature. As a visual artist and biologist, I also likes to present different aspects of my subjects, whether traditional or unusual and I love to marry my two passions

Just like every person has story, so it is for animals, plants, and objects. I aim at transferring that story and feeling in my artworks.

I write about art, the present moment, creativity, philosophy and life, our environment, the search for joy.

I am an elected member of Artist For Conservation (AFC), the Institut des Arts Figuratifs (IAF) and Lakeshore Association of Artists (LAA).


  1. I just read your blog on Dualistic thinking, something I am trying to understand within myself. I just wanted to thankyou for writing such a clear and detailed blog on the subject. I came away with a deeper understanding of this mind set. You have a beautiful writers voice.!

    1. Thank you Eileen. I think we all have to struggle with dualistic thinking at one point in our life whether within ourselves or as witnesses of others’ behaviour or events. We cannot change other people but the more we find ourselves becoming aware of it within ourselves, the more we can re-assess our way of thinking and listen to our inner voice.

  2. The article on dualistic thinking is outstanding. Very practical, on-point, and useful as we traverse In everyday life and attempt to improve and become more conscious and aware of ourselves and the various people and viewpoints around us.

  3. A beautiful blog replete with creative talent and educative content. I am no painter but now I understand to some extent the power of a painting and the underlying theme it’s trying to communicate.
    Thank you Suzanne. Regards 😊

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