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Forest confection by Suzanne Bélair

Forest confection
©2018 Suzanne Bélair
Acrylic & Inks on canvas 10 X 10 in


I am sharing this painting today to make a point about exploration when it comes to making art.


As artists we often feel we have to paint certain subjects or in a certain style expected by our viewers, buyers, galleries we deal with, etc. It is true that viewers come to expect a certain type of production from an artist. But we must be able to explore and break these boundaries in the studio.


I have been watching some friends that are now dabbling in faux stained glass and this inspired me to paint this small forest. I love working with inks and enjoyed making the lines and defining the areas.


I started with a textured background. I use the flexible paste by Liquitex to texture my canvas. This insures it won’t crack over time.


When you feel like painting something that is unexpected or new to you, go for it. Especially if you feel some anxiety at the start, you might think, “I could never paint this” or “If I do it, I’ll never show it to anyone”. Well, if you think this way, you must try it because it might turn out to be the key that unlocks your next series or the next step in your painting process.


This self-censoring we go through is what eventually leads to a creativity blockage. All the assumptions and self-judgements should be examined and questioned if we want to move forwards in our art.


We all get inspiration, our imagination sometimes sends us wild images that we often disregard as unimportant or not “fitting in” with the image we want to project of our art. It is in our best interest to follow these seemingly random suggestions we receive through intuition and imagination.


Life gives us a seed and our job is to make sure it grows. Artists often feel like they are carrying the “burden” of creation, that they are responsible for every stroke, for every decision regarding what goes on the canvas.


But it is not so, we need to relax about it because it you think you are responsible for everything, then the process of painting presents endless opportunities for mistake and your success or failure becomes your full responsibility. It is indeed a heavy burden to carry. Painting becomes stressful and aren’t we painting to enjoy ourselves?


When you take the attitude that you do “what needs to be done” because you’re following your intuition and this is where it wants you to go, you become free.


When you listen to the voice of intuition, you are listening to nature, to your own self and it is leading you ahead, always learning and living.


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A simple winter morning, magnificent in all its beauty!



Can we really speak of simplicity when all this complexity is in front of our eyes?

What would we be without nature and its biodiversity?  Nothing

We need nature but she does not need us

When we’ll have destroyed it

She will slowly regenerate

But it will not be us or our descendants that will be enjoying it

Because when we will have annihilated her

Humanity will have perished

It is not too late

Let’s be conscious of our behaviours

And take action without delay!


©2016 words and photos Suzanne Belair


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Nénuphars No. 4 ©2012 Suzanne Bélair Huile sur toile 18 X 24

Nénuphars No. 4
©2012 Suzanne Bélair
Huile sur toile 18 X 24

The water lilies’ flower is solitary on a stem that gently reaches to the water’s surface. This aquatic plant has curved floating leaves. Those from the lake carry very fragrant white flowers that I enjoyed painting different colors for that series.


Some people also like to cultivate  water lilies in water basins in their garden but I learned that one can also cultivate them in a pot or a bin without holes and thus decorate a terrace or a balcony.


Since it is a very rustic perennial, there is no concern for maintenance, it requires almost none and will settle durably in your basin or pot as long as a minimum of 4 inches of water is maintained and it gets 5 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.


The water lily is a plant originating from Europe and  America and the fact that it grows in water is a particularly interesting feature. Colors can vary according to the species, white, pink, red and yellow being most common but certain exotic species are blue.


In its natural environment or in a basin, one water lily can cover more than 10 sq ft.




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I had to move my paintings around this morning. Every year, the exhibit evolves as the week progresses. Either because of sales when customers want to take the painting with them right away or because I like to present it differently according to my moods.


I meet wonderful people and some of them come from quite a distance. Today I am expecting a party of five around lunchtime before they move on to other artists of the region.


This is what I call my “Nature Wall”, I am sure you can see why !



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Perfect net waiting in the early morning fog

Balancing in the soft wind, its creator is not around

But will surely be back !

©2015 Suzanne Belair

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I am extremely happy and proud to announce that I was accepted as a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation (AFC).



As you might or might not know, Artists for Conservation is the world’s leading artist group supporting the environment and who’s mission statement is: “To support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural history”.


This distinguished group includes some of the most gifted artists in the world who are dedicated to conserving nature. Membership spans nearly 30 countries.


It also gives us the opportunity of contributing directly to conservation causes we believe in directly through their organization and web site.


I am now working at putting together my web presence with AFC


To find out more:  http://artistsforconservation.org/



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Inspired by nature !  These ferns are actual size and grow under trees at our country place. They smell sooo good!  Can’t wait for summer to see them unroll their stems again –


Bouquet de fougères ©Suzanne Bélair  Multi on canvas   36 X 18 po

Bouquet de fougères
©Suzanne Bélair
Multi on canvas 36 X 18 po

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