Mindfulness in practice

This was another fun one to do with Tiffany Davanzo and 30Faces30Days. There is an app called Museum where you can go get all kinds of muses to do portraits. This is where this model comes from. Thank you Cabot Wilson for this.

Cabot in California Sun @2022Suzanne Bélair Digital portrait

We just went through a period without electricity for 20 hours.

The incident happened about one hour before we were to start getting ready for supper but everything turned out well because we had decided on take out that day and the BBQ was perfect to heat things up.

We sat outside until it got dark, listening at the animals and insects that like to get more active in the evening.

We went to bed early but not tired.

And despite what turned out to be a beautiful peaceful evening I had difficulty shaking the frustration that inhabited me and sleep eluded me.

When annoyances arise, is the best time to put mindfulness in practice but it is not easy.

In the morning, still with no power, I started the day with a different mindset and planned a day without electronic devices.

We have become so dependant on electricity, it is frustrating. We should be self-reliant without it if need be and should be able to plan our days and go about our activities without it.

As I started my power-free day with new resolve, the electricity came back and I was quick to charge my devices and make myself a coffee. HAHA! So much for this power-free day but seriously, I am planning on a day like this as soon as our vacation is finished.

Cutting out all electronic devices is certainly the best benefit of going electricity-free! And skipping on the news, international or otherwise, that only bring us distress and loss of faith in human nature, is also beneficial for our mental health.

In conclusion, I am setting up a Daily Mindfulness reminder on my calendar and planning this power-free day.



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