A rainbow of colours

Colors are like words that form a subtle language of mood, energy, and insight”

– Daily Om

“Blake the chameleon man” ©2022 Digital portrait by Suzanne Bélair

I painted this portrait on procreate and had so much fun following a tutorial with talented Tiffany S. DaVanzo  through the 30Faces30Days challenge on Sktchy. We created a rainbow brush with the idea that the chameleon could make Blake, our muse, transform like him. It inspired me to talk about colours and their effect on us all as I just love colours!

The last few days have brought us perfect weather and a lot of joyful events and I am grateful for all of it!

As we are entering July and after the abundant rains of June, the forest that surrounds us here is the greenest I ever remember seeing. The flowers are plentiful on the shrubs we planted along the walkways and buds are getting ready to bloom initiating a chain reaction of colours that will continue until the end of August!

The many shades of greens and the blue of the lake are so peaceful! With everyone rushing to airports to travel after two years of restrictions, we are left with a quiet serene environment. So calming!

So it is with greens and blues, they inspire peace, calm and nature, and for me, sheer wonder!  Did you know that, when we first see an object, our mind registers its color before any other details? Colors exert an influence on our moods, energy and insight and can trigger emotions, thus affecting our minds and influencing our attitudes.

Not only that, by affecting the way we think and act, they also have an effect on our physical health.

We unconsciously respond to colors everywhere, be it the color of the walls in our homes or the color of the food we eat, to the clothes we wear. These responses come from our body’s natural reactions according to the psychological associations we formed around them in the past (cultural or personal). So when we pick a color to paint a room or wear a certain piece of clothing, the consequences go beyond aesthetics. 

As we encounter colours throughout our day, we can feel happy or sad, calm or excited, energized or drained. This can affect everything including our work habits.

Throughout history and ever since we discovered how to use pigments derived from the earth and vegetable matters, color has been a key element in culture as well as clothing and interior design.

Different cultures all over the globe have given different meanings to colors, blue being associated to immortality in China while it is the color of protection in the Middle East. “Tuscan red” is associated to Italy where you can find the color almost everywhere while Yellow ochre, the color of sand and desert, is often depicted in Morocco,

All human beings, no matter where in the world, respond to color in a visceral way. Red is all about passion and energy but too much red over stimulates and irritates.

Yellow is associated with joy, cheerfulness and optimism and can energize and help think more clearly. It is the most visible color from a distance (often used in street signs.

Orange communicates activity and energy. It feels fresh, healthy, young.

Blue and green inspire peaceful feelings. We are often able to concentrate better in rooms painted in soft blues and greens but the darker tones of both colors can make us feel serious and introspective.

The list goes on. There are numerous sites analysing color in relationship to happiness and health as well as for decoration and marketing.

But whatever you do, surround yourself with the colors you like as much as possible and create an environment where you feel good, peaceful and uplifted.  

Enjoy colours!


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