Why do we need art? – Daily drawings- Week 36

Allow me to go back in time with my daily drawings this week since October is finished, I will continue the Inktober series later.

These were done back in September, during the thirty-sixth week of daily sketching when I was drawing the neighbourhood and fall colours.

Of course, this week, the only thing on most people’s mind is the deep divide in our neighbour’s country. The electoral system in the US is so different from ours, the fact that we might not see a final result before November 12th  is kind of crazy!  All this makes one wonder about the importance of Art in our Society, does it really matter? Why do we keep on making art? Why do people enjoy and buy art?

On a personal level, as with most artists, art helps me to process life. While we get lost in our painting or writing, our brain gets a respite, especially if we are able to get to a place of non judgement. My art also allows me to have purpose as I have been working on a few commissions translating the viewers’ vision onto paper or canvas, being part of a surprise, etc… It is quite rewarding when someone is happy with your creation, but expectations are high and remain at the back of your mind during the whole process. 

Even if contributing to society has been temporarily reduced because of the pandemic, we can still put a smile on someone’s face, bring a fleeting moment of joy with our painting or writing.

In these dark times, it is important to see or imagine the light at the end of the tunnel. Art gives you hope and that is so important!

There is so much beauty and love around us. The most I can do personally is to live a life of love, integrity and beauty. My hope is that I can affect my small circle of influence in a positive way and that they do the same.

If everyone did that and refused to let their lives be diminished by all the negativity out there, the world would be a better place! Art is a great way to bring beauty into our world right now and to care for ourselves and others!

Things are chaotic these days and fear has unfortunately become an overriding factor influencing every aspect of our society. On our side of the border, it is the “politically correct” that prevails, hiding our dark side I suppose…

So Art is important because:

  • It gives us a safe place to be ourselves and to get away from the noise and voices demanding our attention.
  • Art is a wonderful reminder that beauty exists despite all we hear and see these days.
  • Art creates a deep connection between artist and viewer, an understanding of the soul, a reminder that we are not alone.

As an artist, I am so happy I can express my love of nature and of everything around us through my art and I invite you to share what is in your heart, in your soul through any means you want.

I hope you enjoyed these small drawings and will soon share more about other projects. Take care !

With Love


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