Happy Halloween! Inktober – Daily drawings- Week 39

Last week, I skipped ahead to talk about Inktober.  These are from the week after.

Following the prompts is not that easy but these were fun. You have to use your imagination and think outside the box. I absolutely could not bring myself to draw something from the prompt #disgusting so drew its opposite, #charm.

I am writing this on Halloween Day 2020 so Happy Halloween to all. This year is very different, most cities and the provincial government are encouraging children to go around the streets with their parents to collect candies as though there was no pandemic but we have to distribute while social distancing, kind of difficult.

For my part, I went over to my neighbours’ houses yesterday to hand out some treats in advance. I am curious how this will all turn out tonight. My grandkids had a party at daycare and their father is not too keen on going out this year. Why risk it?

We feel a sort of disconnect with the government here. They closed the gyms, restaurants and bars without giving any scientific data as to why. Yet shopping centers are open. There has not been any outbreaks originating from gyms here and people need to move. It is a matter of mental health.

We all have to wear a face covering in closed buildings (which I totally agree with) yet I went to the car dealership for maintenance this week and none of the employees wore masks behind the small piece of plexiglass hanging from the ceiling and they were sitting much less than 6 ft apart. Aren’t they putting themselves and others at risk?

Later that day, my husband had to take a taxi and the driver refused to wear a mask saying he didn’t need it and he doesn’t believe there is a problem with the pandemic, “It’s only a bad flu”, he said. They rode with the windows partially open but still, who is that stranger who feels so entitled, what is his lifestyle, where has he been, why does he think his life is worth more than others?

Anyhow, that is the way it is in society sometimes…We have to remember that everything is temporary and there will be an “After”.

In the meantime, enjoy your moments, even if hardships are inevitable, we have to keep hope and focus on what is good in our lives.

Take care and stay safe !

With love


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  1. Je suis d accord avec ce que tu dis. Dernièrement, chez un commerçant du West Island, 2 employés essayaient de me convaincre que le COVID-19 n’existait pas et que c’était une pure conspiration…

    1. Omg ! Tellement décevant quand on entend ça et que le reste du monde se prive pour la santé de tous. Merci pour le commentaire! Est-ce qu’on peut savoir qui est le commerçant, on va s’en tenir loin 🤨

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