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This morning, toc toc toc on the gutter, I thought a woodpecker sent its territorial signal but I do not see it. A large blue jay arrives in the shrub nearby! Surprise! The blue jays are very active and vocal this morning …

And then, I see them, it is a whole family of yellow-bellied woodpeckers in the middle hemlock. They fly from one tree to another and follow each other in a winged dance.

They play, chase each other, vocalize, follow each other more and more quickly, twirling between the trees, from one trunk to another, they land for a short time, go up the trunk and take off again. Excitement for this beautiful sunshine maybe… The race accelerates between the trunks and then between the trunks and the house. All this morning joy of the young birds on this sunny day becomes contagious. They are fascinating!

Then the noise! One of them has just hit the large window while the other has narrowly avoided it by turning at the last minute. The first one is projected with the momentum and ends up 16 feet from the impact, on the wood of the gallery.

His wings open, he is rattled but will survive, his eyes open, he waits to recover. His head is leaning on the wood but quickly enough, he able to put it up. His friends in the trees all around call him, encourage him, vocalize more and more loudly, perhaps to scare me, who just came out with my camera.

I speak to the little wounded in a reassuring voice, I gently stroke his back, he is not trembling, he is not afraid of me.

I watch the little one, the thing is, there is a cat that always prowls around here. After a few minutes, he closes his wings on his body.

A little more time goes by and he opens his wings to put them back against his body while he settles on his legs without getting up yet, then his head turns to one side and the other.

He looks at me, looks at the trees, wonders if he can take off, he gets ready, he believes it. That’s it, he takes off and returns to the safety of his favorite hemlock. What an adventure for this young woodpecker on a sunny Tuesday morning!

Animation of the small yellow-bellied woodpecker before taking flight

He and his friends are now calm and fly away gently.

Everything returns to silence. The sun is now higher and warmer, all go about their business. The small woodpecker had quite a scare!

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