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My studio is in a building where there is construction and there are two more phases to be completed before it gets quiet in the way that I appreciate.

But no matter, I put my music on and paint ignoring what is going on outside my door. The light that comes in is wonderful and a big reason why I chose this place. For the last four days, there has been a construction strike which means all was quiet around the building site.


This past week I concentrated on my two San Giminiano urban landscapes:

Colors and some details are slowly going in.

Travail en cours / Work in progress
©2017 Suzanne Bélair
Oil on canvas 30 X 40


Notice how I started to offset the warm tones with more blues and I positioned the trees and some of the greenery. Later, I will add greenery on the other side of the canvas too on some of the terraces and balconies.

The trees are a mix of Ultramarine blue and Cadmium Yellow pale. I don’t buy greens anymore. I always mix a blue and a yellow from my painting’s palette to create the greens.


I started painting some of the window’s shutters with a mix of Cerulean blue and Naples yellow.

Limiting the colors will keep harmony in the painting. Notice how the lower corner has been dulled to take the eye away from this area even if it is in the foreground. The deep orange that was painted underneath as a background color keeps the building warm.


Travail en cours / Work in progress
©2017 Suzanne Bélair
Oil on canvas 30 X 40


For this one, my challenge as I was building the background city, is to keep the colors soft and subdued but still delimit the houses so we can make out the intricacies of the constructions. Most of that area was done with a 10-0 paint brush and I’m mainly working on building architecture at this point.

It becomes a sort of meditation when you are working small details like this and it teaches you patience. At this point , it is long tedious work, like putting a puzzle together.


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