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Since January 19th, in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of my Enviroart blog on WordPress, I have been publishing essays that I first posted 10 years ago. This is the last of such postings for now.

This is a portrait of my daughter at 4 years old I painted some years ago when I was studying classical portraiture.


Petite Rebelle
©Suzanne Bélair
Oil on Canvas 24 X 20 in


Everything is as it should

February 7, 2008 by Enviroart


I feel like saying today that everything is as it should. We work so hard to find a purpose for our life sometimes, struggle to get out of problems and bad situations when all there is to do is stop and listen. Open yourself up to the wisdom of the universe. Meditate and listen. Ask a question before going to sleep at night and trust that the answer will come the next morning and it will. Inspiration… It is talked about in the Tao and a lot of spiritual leaders talk about it also. The Dalai Lama said that  “The purpose of life is to be happy”.


But happiness does not come from material possessions it comes from within. It is not easy when other people make demands on us. When we think we are not important enough to give ourselves peace of mind and happiness.  WE must work to achieve this.


Depressed or felling abandoned? You are part of a whole. We are all alone in our search for the truth but at the same time we are all part of a whole. You think you don’t matter? That your life makes no difference? Well, you are wrong because your life does make a difference. You are important, be it to teach someone something, be it to learn something from a life teacher you will meet or have already met. Only by letting go and accepting, by opening your eyes and your ears to receive the truth will you find peace.


I know I sound like a philosopher today but this is the truth I found. Try to live more by intuition. Try to follow your inner light even if it feels pretty dimmed. You might not feel it right now, you might even think there is none inside of you, but there is. Unfortunately, most of us have a hard time following what Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe once said “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least”. And this is sad most people let them.


I have been reading the Tao Te Ching lately and I find it very difficult to understand the subtlety of its wisdom. I know it is hard to accept that things are as it should  when you look at the world, pollution, violence, hunger. All this unfairness! Why is this? We think it is worse now than before but it is not really. There has always been wars and violence, unevenness. Nothing is thrown our way that we cannot handle. We must go forward and find the courage to go on, to learn from it.


We hear a lot about suicide lately. The new thing is to try to see the early warning signs and influence the person to stay alive. But the truth is only that person is walking in her shoes. Only this person must find his or her own truth. All we can do is spark something. Each person must be ready to receive the truth before they are able to accept it.


When you are really discouraged, just remember that all things are temporary in life. Nothing is forever. It will pass. All you have to do is hang on for now and receive the lesson. Tomorrow will be better, even if tomorrow takes a few weeks, months, years, it will come. And remember your uniqueness makes you important. There is only one “You” and you are important. You don’t need to try to be happy, it cannot be forced especially if you have certain ideas about happiness, especially if you think you don’t know what will make you happy, or if you think you will never be happy. You will be happy again. You will. Life is a wheel turning, changing all the time. When you’re down, there is nowhere to go but up. A good way to improve your life is to find something to do for someone else and try to focus outside yourself. Everything is as it should and you too can bring something worthwhile to someone’s life, indeed to the world.


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It is up to me which direction my life is taking. Each minute decision influences the next one. I have to make choices and be the master of my own destiny.

Constant transformation and the reinvention that makes up life are what makes it exciting. If we look at it more globally, we see that every time we suffer a loss, and experience anxiety because we are facing change, this is an opportunity to grow and discover something new, to take another step towards learning something new, get out of our comfort zone until the new state becomes another comfort zone. Then, life throws something else unexpected at you, another opportunity for growth and discovery. We must not see this as a negative event but as a growth opportunity, a chance to learn, to expand our consciousness.

Let’s not let events and outside people destroy what we have built, the road we have traveled. We got to the point that we are today because life is a giant classroom where everything and everyone can teach us something. We get too caught up with the nitty gritty turning of the wheel, the mechanism and the time spent on survival, to take good notice of what is going on around us. We should take some time each day to reflect on what we have learned during that day. Reflect on what was good and what was less good but take courage when things are not the way we want them to be. Take courage and look at everything from the outsider’s perspective, the observer. Detach yourself from your situation and see it with someone else’s eyes. Drop your personal filter. Observe as you would observe someone else’s struggle, without all the emotional involvement and attachment to the situation and circumstances.

Let’s be gentle with ourselves, be patient and kind, loving. After all, if not us then, who? We should be out biggest fan. What would happen if we loved ourselves, if we treated ourselves the way we would treat someone we really care about, if we totally accepted and forgave ourselves for our mistakes and weaknesses? This is a difficult one. We all grow up with someone else’s expectations and we anticipate from ourselves to meet these expectations even if we know deep  down that they are sometime impossible to meet, and even if often, we would not even want to meet them because we don’t even agree with them. Yet our internal voice keeps hounding us and demands that we obey unless we feel guilt and anxiety. This should not be. We must work to silence the voices from the past that command us to live according to someone else’s standards, to live someone else’s life when you think of it. How much of our standards, our thinking, our demands are our own? How much comes from our parents, friends, siblings, mentors? How much of our time is spent fulfilling someone else’s vision of what our life should be?

Different people, different goals, different ways to look at life. We have to try to be true to ourselves and let go of expectations. Expectations towards life, expectations towards people, expectations towards circumstances. We cannot assume to know what will happen next. We cannot assume to control anything but ourselves. Live each minute with anticipation and openness. Open yourself to receive teachings from our fellow human beings, but also from what surrounds us, nature, animals, plant life. Teachings are all around us. We have to be in a receptive frame of mind in order to receive them and feel this permanent transformation that is going on  a cellular level each second that goes by.

It is up to us to enjoy this transformation, be aware and energized by it, to learn from it and create from this awareness.

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An unknown author once said: Dare to fling out into the great cosmic mind greater assurance about yourself. Dare to have greater confidence. Dare to believe in yourself and in your mission.  Have a grander ideal, a nobler aspiration.


This is what we should all base our behavior on. You must have faith in what you are trying to do, in what you are trying to get or to accomplish. You must have faith in what you are trying to create. Nothing or nobody can rob you of success but yourself.


Dare to love and appreciate yourself. Dare to believe in your abilities. You can learn anything. You can do anything you set your mind to.


Be happy today in the knowledge that you are alive and that each day can be miraculous. Be open to new possibilities. Be open to life and to people around you.


Dare to believe in life!

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