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The light will find you ©2017 Suzanne Belair Acrylic on canvas 30 X 30 in

The light will find you
©2017 Suzanne Belair
Acrylic on canvas 30 X 30 in

Today I am sharing a new painting recently finished. It speaks of the light that is in everyone’s life and that will come out after any episode of sadness.


When you are feeling sad, discouraged, in a rut, it is better to stop and take a few moments to think about it and feel it fully, than to keep on going, making believe it is not happening. It is important not to run away from your feelings.


Here is something that I do and that makes me feel better every time.


When you get a chance during your day, stop what you are doing, sit down or lie down and feel these feelings fully. It might feel like heaviness in your chest but it could also be the panicky sensation we get when fear wants to insert itself into our life, when indeed it has. What can we do to help this?  It all starts with mindfulness and acknowledging what is happening inside you.


Breathing slowly and becoming aware of the physical feelings and calming these, is essential. Here’s how I do it. I sit down and close my eyes and I imagine a beautiful space surrounding me like a lush garden or a deep blue sky.  My own preference is I see myself sitting in a forest beside a tree near a small river, and I hear the water flow and it is very calm. Once the image is clear in your head, start breathing mindfully.


Breathe slowly through your nose. Breathe in your sadness, feel it in your body, around your heart, and then release it with the out breath, feel the sadness get out of your body with the breath and vanish in the forest (or whatever space you created). Continue this for a while until you truly feel the release (minimum 10 breaths).


Continue the slow mindful breathing: Others are also feeling sad, so think of them also, feel their sadness at losing a loved one or at their situation. Breathe in their sadness through your heart and breathe all this sadness out toward your beautiful image surrounding you, toward the vastness it, feel the sadness dissolve around you. Visualize your out breath carrying the sadness away from you.


While you are doing this exercise, be present to how you feel when you release the sadness in the nature surrounding you. Be present to your feeling of compassion for others and your feeling that you are not alone.


Be aware that all in temporary, life is impermanence and your sadness is also temporary. The light will find you.


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This morning, before breakfast, I went for a walk. Took along a banana and a pear and my old little mp3 player. I used to do the treadmill inside or a light run outside every morning but for the last two years I fell out of it, following the advice of the orthotherapist that was treating my back. I intend to get back into it now that spring will be showing up.

What I wanted to get at is that my little gizmo contained songs I had not heard in a long while, and I was looking forward to listen to them. I usually enjoy hearing the birds but I thought music would be nice this morning. As I was walking out in the cold with a pair of mitts, my pear in my pocket, my banana in my left hand, I fiddled with the little thing to get it to start. No music… Frustration started to mount as I am thinking that the one morning I am finally getting back into walking, I can’t get this thing to work.

And then, suddenly, a voice, a man talking in my ear. He’s talking about the breath, how it moves, and then becomes still, how it tumbles inside the blood and organs, how it feeds the body. I forgot I had downloaded some Dharma meditation talks on my mp3 a long time ago.

Hinduism describes dharma as the natural universal laws that enable humans to be contented and happy when they are observed. Dharma is sometimes considered as the very foundation of life, the moral law combined with spiritual discipline that should guide one’s life.

As I was walking this morning and listening, I was reminded that the mind is always working and that it needs a rest once in a while. It usually juggles several things at the same time. All at once, it tries to deal with everything that enters our life, joy and problems, family, money, jobs, house, politics, the world, while anxiety mounts as it wants to find a solution for everything.

I have often thought about meditation as one more thing to add to my To Do list, one more ball to juggle. So it has often been the meditation ball that I dropped. It is the easiest to drop, a no brainer for most of us that have not created the daily habit.

Douce Vapeur ©2013SuzanneBélair Oil on Canvas  10 X 10

Douce Vapeur
Oil on Canvas 10 X 10

What we don’t realize is that the practice, as a whole cuts down on the jobs in the mind so that we end up with more time, more peace, happier. We sometimes think of meditation as work because we have to struggle to reduce our thoughts and wonder how to breathe “properly” (what we imagine). But instead of making the breath a job, all we have to do is make it a practice to observe it and stay with the breath .

The object of meditation is mainly to provide a support, to make a place for the mind to stand. Going back to our breath provides this support, this place to stand after meditation is finished. If we are able to stay with the breath, or become aware of the breath, we become more sensitive to how the mind reacts, to the movement of the mind, we become aware of where we move our energy.

We need to take some time away from all our activities in order to be able to look at our life, our situation from an outsider’s perspective. What things are worth doing in our life, what things are not, what things are we focusing on? Don’t look at your like as little bits and pieces, but as a whole. As days and months and then years go by and we don’t allow the mind to slow down and rest, meaningless things become more important and important things fall away because we lose the ability to evaluate what is important and what is not, we often let other people’s emergencies become our own.

Think of it. If you were to get a diagnostic that you only have 3 months left to live, you would suddenly drop a lot of unimportant activities to focus on what is important in your life. One of the purpose of  meditation is to be able to step back from your life to get a sense of what is important now, not only for the last 3 months of your life but for all that’s left. It gives you a more solid place to stand on when you are dealing with problems and decisions.

Again, don’t think of meditation as one more burden for the mind but as a new place for the mind to stand. Get to know the breath, don’t fight it and give it some time to show you some results. You have to listen carefully about what the breath is telling you about the energy of your body. Some parts of the body are lacking breath energy, where you hurt, where you feel tight. Focus on these parts and let them expand, let the breath move through them and feel the release.

While you meditate, all you have to worry about is your breath, nothing else. Get to know the breath, pay attention to it, the more carefully you listen to it, the more it will help you with the jobs the mind needs to undertake. Try different ways of breathing and evaluate what happens.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s walking meditation.

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