Why keeping a sketchbook is important for every artist

A lot of you must already know that the yearly event « Sketchbook Revival” is on right now. Here is the link if you are interested: https://www.karenabend.com/

The event is from March 20 to April 1st but we will have access to the workshops until April 20th. You can also see my previous post to find out more here: https://enviroart.wordpress.com/2022/04/02/sketchbook-revival-fun/

Graphite on paper @Suzanne Belair 2023- Autoportrait, Reading and pondering in the snow in March

I always had various sketchbooks going all the time but it is only in 2020 that I really started making good use of them and getting my sketches, experiences and doodling together. I used to collect notes all over the place and was using my various sketchbooks only when I had something to work out for a painting.

Keeping a sketchbook is essential for several reasons. Not only does it allow you to capture your ideas and observations in a convenient and portable format, but it can also help you develop your skills, improve your creativity, and enhance your artistic voice.

There are many benefits to keeping a sketchbook: From honing your drawing skills to generating new ideas, a sketchbook can be a valuable asset for any artist, beginner or seasoned pro.

The main tip for getting the most of your sketchbook is to use it every day and be open to happy accidents and discoveries. Whether you want to experiment with a new technique, use it in preparation of a larger project or simply to doodle and record your daily life, the sketchbook is ideal!

So grab your favorite sketchbook and dive in!

Here are some of my latest doodling and fun projects, some with Sketchbook Revival over the last week:

Have fun and be creative !


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