Back and ready

Last December, I received a WP badge telling me I had been maintaining this blog for 15 years!

With it came the full realisation of the work involved and what if I had spent all this time painting or creating art? Hence this 3 months break from bogging but not from painting and creating!

I looked back at all that was accomplished during these last 15 years and how the world has changed since and everything I learned from this blogging community and it makes it all worth it!

WP has been modifying the site, changing what I was used to and I had to change my way of working along with it. I still don’t think that moving everything to Blocks and wanting to control the way we want to interact with people, removing more and more features from the free platform is necessarily beneficial to WP or its community.

Anyhow, there is much to talk about, much to write about and I will try to resume weekly blogging as before. I am a believer in sharing what you know and educating on a wider level so will try to continue my original mission of sharing art, giving creativity tips and talking about environmental issues.

Since December, I have been working for what seems like FOREVER on the “San Giminiano No. 3” painting. It is very close to completion. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the colours and the details of it. It will be finished for the next LAA exhibition in April. I started this artwork in 2017 so it is 5 ½ years in the making although it sat waiting for inspiration for some years.

San Giminiano 3 WIP by Suzanne Bélair Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in (76 x 102 cm)

I am now committed to creating with Sketchbook Revival, go check it out here .

I am happy to have convinced a couple more people to participate this year and the sharing has been fabulous already.

I have also resumed creating on a daily basis which makes me so happy!

I am looking forward to sharing some tips and art in future posts.

Glad to be back!

With Love


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