New exciting projects

Like I mentioned last week with September getting here, I am starting anew with my projects.

I recently finished this large painting representing an elephant without tusks. An article will follow shortly about the way these animals are coping with the man’s pressure. Be sure to go to check it out next week.

Evolution ©2022 Suzanne Bélair- Huile sur toile 91.4 X 122 cm (36 X 48in)

BOOKS IN 2023-

I am also resuming my work on two books that should be out by mid-2023.

The first one will comprise some of my blogs about life, hope and creativity as well as some technical tips on painting and mediums.

The second one is a children’s book I wrote and am in the process of illustrating. After much experimenting with different media and supports and hours of reflection, I decided to go with Procreate to illustrate the book.  Here is an advanced view to one of the illustrations:

Le chat ©Suzanne Bélair, Digital illustration

Also, let me know if you are interested in being part of my “launch team” and getting an advance copy of either book in exchange for your impressions and comments.

Have a Great Fall season and enjoy the beautiful colors nature is offering us!


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