Winter rising sun

Branches heavy with snow

Filter the rising golden sun

Deep greens are peeking through

The sparkling cotton white

As the sky brightens

Ochre grasses and ferns

Their crowns now bright 

Stretch their blue shadows

Staining the pristine powder

All is quiet except

A slow squeaking sound

A few branches touching

In the gentle breeze

The low groan rises

Splendour and stillness surround me

Dozens of hemlocks

Protective gentle giants

I am so small

I feel at peace

Inspired by their strength

On this dazzling morning

Entranced with nature’s offering

Heart filled with beauty

A wonderful new day is here


©2022 All photos and Words

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  1. So beautiful, Susanne.
    The words, poetry; crisp, precise, describe the photos, capture the feelings, the mood and aliveness.
    Thank you for the pleasure of experiencing this.

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