The tree in our circle

©2021 Suzanne Bélair

He is majestic
He is old and tall
Golden to red in fall
Deep green in summer
Enthusiastically budding in spring
After the cool blues of winter

The tree across the way
In the circle it sits
Twin maples that have become one
Branches grown into each other
Their lives now intertwined

Reliably, every season
Their branches spread a little further
Providing more cooling shade, more shelter
As they mesh in unison

Leaves glowing in the setting sun
Unfailingly bring delight to everyone

Silent witness of life around them
New dogs, new kids, moves, death
They remain peaceful, stable, quiet
They don’t shrivel down
As they gather wisdom

Instead, the tree in our circle
Matures increasingly regal
Full, vibrant and colourful
A moving evolving painting
That graces my mornings
And soothes my evenings

©Suzanne Bélair – Photo and text

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Enviroart par Suzanne Bélair


  1. This is so beautiful Suzanne and your words honour & celebrate their majesty! Thank you for sharing this for so many more to enjoy 😊

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