May On-Line Art exhibition- Connected

Here is another painting I am presenting in the Lakeshore Association of Artists On-line exhibition starting May 1st .

©2018 Suzanne Bélair
Acrylic on canvas  30 X 30 in

I have been part of this group for about 10 years now and each exhibition has served as a fund raiser for a cause we support in West-Island Montreal.

For our Spring exhibition we partner with Nova West Island and this marks our 32nd year of occasion collaborating with them to raise funds for this community-based charitable health care organization. Due to Covid, we had to cancel our exhibition last year but we are coming back virtually for this 2021 edition.

One third of all sales during the show will be donated to NOVA West Island. 38 artists are taking part this year. There will be paintings in a variety of media and styles, some drawings, pastels, textile art and sculptures. All artworks can be viewed through the LAA website homepage Sales will be settled directly with the artist.

NOVA West Island supports the West Island population by providing palliative, oncology and ALS nursing care, adult and child bereavement programs, home support and adult day centres and has done so since 1911. Care is provided by a team of registered nurses, health aides, program coordinators and volunteers

I am very happy to contribute once again to this great cause!

My inspiration for this artwork was the coming spring

I wanted lots of textures and to show the flow of energy between all the animal and plant worlds. Insects, fish and birds are connected. Doing the endangered birds paintings inspired me to complete the two loons I saw in the paint strokes of the background. There is a couple of loons that come to nest on our lake each summer and we get to witness the chicks being carried on their backs and their interaction all summer. They are majestic! I wanted to portray their return and their habitat, their lifeline and also their excitement at coming back here.

To find out more about the iconic loon and this painting, please click here.

Take care and please visit and enjoy the exhibit !


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