Nature does not hurry – Spring is here!

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished -Lao Tzu

Spring is here!

Golden sphere rising from the horizon

Brightening the sky

Rays stretching on the lake’s white blanket

Reaching across the snowy shore

Caressing tall trunks

Reaching my eyes, blinding me

Promise of a good day

The brook is swiftly running

Bubbling freely downhill

Water snaking under the ice

Eroding its hold on every inch

Soon nature will burst with new life

Fascinating explosion of colours and sounds

Migrating birds already back

The loon’s moaning call will soon be heard

Small mammals gathering leaves and twigs

Red squirrels dancing and skipping in trees

Everywhere, busyness and joy

Soon winter’s browns and whites

Will disappear

Replaced by lush fresh greens

Blooming wildflowers will delight

As bumblebees and butterflies come into sight

Magnolias and lilacs’ heady scents

Will fill the air, day and night

The great renewal is imminent

As animals reappear

With new hope, people too venture out

Sunny walks exciting our senses

Chatting away with friends and strangers alike

Everyone wearing an open smile

Enjoying all that life is offering

Reconciled, we survived another winter

Spring is here!

©2021 Suzanne Bélair

The paintings are acrylic on Watercolour paper and will soon be mounted on wood panels.

I hope everybody is safe. Vaccination is ramping up here which is great news!

Take care


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