Dancing in Puddles – Here comes Spring!

I am soooo happy it is here! Spring with its renewal and energy!

I took my granddaughter to play in puddles this week and it brought back so many memories from my childhood to see her enjoy splashing around with glee like this.

I painted these the day after, they are all 4 X 6 inches and watercolour and ink.

Here are a few facts that make spring a favourite season for many:  

Due to the axis of the earth being at an angle in between our closest and furthest points from the sun, temperatures are finally getting milder and pleasant. This is a beautiful transitional period after winter’s cold and before the hot summer kicks in.

Due to the spring equinox, we get more hours of daylight. Here we also turn our clocks back by one hour on March 14th, so we enjoy daylight until 7 pm now and this will get longer until June 21st!

More sunlight being the best remedy after a dreary winter, mood improves for most people. Sunlight exposure increases the body’s release of serotonin in the brain, we feel happier. Sunlight also provides our bodies with the means to fabricate vitamin D, so important to help strengthen bones and teeth but also fight Covid.

Spring is the season when nature bursts back into life in an explosion of colours and sound. Migrating birds return and it is so lovely to hear all the tweeting and songs around us! Today, I witnessed the return of honking Canada geese, a sure sign that spring is here. I can’t wait to see our loons at the lake.

When things warm up and food becomes abundant, the many animals that were hiding during the winter return and many of them reproduce in the spring. New life and hope are renewed! Last week we saw a groundhog picking up discarded leaves and small twigs to make her nest, today, two red squirrels chasing each other in low branches.

Flowers start blooming and some early trees like beautiful magnolias, lilacs and some fruit trees blossom, filling the air with their heady wonderful scents and a promise of harvest to come.

We can finally see some green as the plants and grass come out of dormancy. Winter is all about white and browns. Spring is about fresh light greens and colourful blooms. And after surviving the cold winter in their dormant state, deciduous trees give us vibrant and beautiful greens. Spring is a great time to plant new trees.

If you enjoy the woods, forests, nature, there are so many wildflowers that come into bloom at this time of year. And how about when we start seeing bumblebees and butterflies? Don’t we love that moment when we see our first butterfly of the season?

Walks always delight our senses at this time of the year and are so wonderful. Yesterday, we went for a 2½ hour walk around our lake and around another neighbouring one. Like the animals coming out of hiding, people were everywhere, everyone wearing their smile, chatting away with friends and strangers alike, enjoying the sun, the melting snow, even the muddy roads. Happiness! 

Spring is here and we survived another winter!

I hope we are all able to take some time this week to enjoy the outdoors and this great renewal!  Sometimes, we are reluctant to get out of our homes and reach out. I would like to say that it is well worth pushing ourselves in that case and that the rewards to our mental and physical health far outweigh the effort.

Take care and stay safe! And go outside to enjoy the beautiful spring season!

With Love


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    1. Thank you 😊 I get so excited with spring and am so lucky to be able to observe my granddaughter in these trying times. Your photos are always so wonderful!

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