March celebrations !

This past week marked two important anniversaries:

International women’s day on the 8th of March and the one year anniversary of the global pandemic Covid-19 on March 11th. But let’s concentrate on the positive

In honour of International Women’s day, here are some watercolours paintings of girls. These are all 5 X 7 inches.

As most know, each year on March 8th, we celebrate women around the world and their social, economic, and political achievements. The day also sheds an international light on gender parity which the World Economic Forum, estimates will be achieved by 2133. I would love to know how they came to this number…

Equal access to the same rights and opportunities as our male counterparts is still far off despite all the work already done by courageous women.

Our mothers fought for it and our generation fought for it and we educated our daughters to expect equal rights, equal pay for equal work. What I see around me is that our daughters are now doing it all. They have better access to higher positions but the money is not equal yet and women are still in charge of household management and 90% of childcare despite holding demanding positions in the workplace.

Men don’t think twice about taking a position that requires travel and extended hours but in most cases, women with children are still mostly responsible of the children’s welfare, health and happiness in a way men still do not comprehend.

In Canada, we have equal rights when it comes to healthcare, education and protection under the law. But there is still work to be done when it comes to employment and economic gain or equal pay. And when it comes to protection under the law and freedom from violence, the last weeks have proved once again that it is not so here. Domestic violence including murder is still too common.

There has been tremendous progress in the last 100 years when it comes to industrialised countries regarding political representation. The liberal government promised a 50% representation in parliament while the global world average was 23.7% in 2020.

Education is a powerful tool leading to financial independence for women and their children. Educated women and girls will likely educate their offspring. Education also brings better understanding of healthcare and of their rights. 

When it comes to economic independence, there is still a much work to do. Despite strides made in industrialized countries, more than half of the world’s poorest people are women according to the United Nations. In some countries, women are not allowed to work for pay or work for very low wages.

So let’s celebrate all that has already been done and let’s stand with women all over the world. March is also National Women’s History Month so let’s take the opportunity to discover some pioneering women from history.

As I am writing this, there is a snowstorm outside my window and I have to remind myself that March is also the month of Spring, another reason to celebrate!

It comes with so much activity in nature. Birds migrate and animals begin to mate, insects beginning to hatch and plants begin to grow. There is new life soon to be observed all around!

Let’s celebrate all these and stay safe everyone!

With Love


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