Let’s reconnect with our sensory side

What do you do when a project you dedicated yourself to everyday is finished? You continue on to another one! These drawings are all in ink and watercolour and 5 X 7 inches.

For my next project, I started working on a book of the drawings with art tips and tricks and some ways to navigate life as an artist during difficult times.

This pandemic has been long and painful. We all feel the pain! Even those of us who enjoy solitude, as social animals, this is getting to be too much. The government keeps on giving us a glimpse of a shimmering oasis that includes businesses reopening but that date is always being pushed further a few weeks at a time.

I realized this week that many of us are waiting to resume our “real life” post-pandemic and hoping for this illusive day when things will get back to normal. Many of us have stopped living, in hope that the pandemic will soon be over. Remember “Impermanence”? We just don’t know what is around the corner. We should not give up hope, but we must find a way to live this one day at a time. It could be far from over…

I long to hug my kids, my friends, I miss family gatherings when everybody is hyped up and talk at the same time. I miss spending time with them in the same room, sharing a good meal or just a few hours of chatting. I miss hearing laughter in my house.

We are lucky we live in this era of technology but after one year, I don’t know about you but I am kind of fed-up with Zoom meetings. We talk and joke and enjoy each other virtually but when we close the screen, we are left with an empty feeling and catch ourselves wishing for more, more time, more closeness, more sharing…

There is nothing like sitting opposite a friend and going deep into their eyes, sharing more than words, seeing the whole person, I miss this.

I can only imagine what is going on in our little ones’ heads for the last year, growing up in a world where they don’t see their parents hugging their grandparents or their friends, where they see people walking at a distance, where they are often viewed as vectors of the terrible virus and told to stay away from their extended family…

If you feel distressed and sad, don’t think you are alone because you are not. We need to look around and find what is good around us right now. We can still find some good within this bad period.

We need to savour our good moments, to consider good happenings in our lives in such a way that we generate, intensify and prolong our enjoyment of them. If you enjoy cooking, take the time to do it mindfully, enjoy the colors and textures of the vegetables, the herbs, notice the subtleties of the aromas and let your taste buds detect the different flavours. This is but an example that can be applied to everything in our lives.

We have time to slow down now, let’s take advantage of it to reconnect with our sensory side. Let’s imitate children and live in the moment and keep our sense of discovery alive.

Let’s take it one day at a time and stay safe everyone!

With Love


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