The end of the project – Daily drawings – last 2 days

Wow I did it!  One full year of daily drawings, exploring many different mediums and subjects. These last two are in Watercolour and Inks which have become two favourite mediums over the last year.

As I am writing this, we can feel Spring around the corner, bird chirping blended with my steps during my morning walk, beaming sunshine, blue skies and fresh white snow all around.

We live in a beautiful world!

So what’s next? When I started this project, it was an idea, a dream that seemed pretty daunting, I didn’t know if I would complete it but I wanted to give it a shot. I was scared to put it all out there, good or bad and of disappointing myself.

When I completed and posted my last drawing on Instagram, on January 16th, the feeling of accomplishment was almost too much, unbelievable, I almost felt detached, difficult to explain. I couldn’t believe I had done it!

Two days later, I had already decided to continue with the exploration of children at play and watercolours, so there will be more coming.

What did I learn and gain from this experience:

  • Consistency is now part of my life and this will help me tackle any other area I want to improve or change since I proved to myself without a doubt, that I can stick with anything I decide.
  • The discipline is wonderful. I have been painting for most of my life but this project brought my drawing to another level. Being forced to work in small format and with different papers and mediums was wonderful exercise.
  • At the beginning, one year ago, it felt a bit like a chore. Now it has become my relaxing time in the afternoon.
  • Every day builds on the previous one. Even if we feel it is a “bad” day, we are one step further than the day before.
  • Because the drawings/paintings are small and I practiced drawing every day, I can do them pretty quickly now.
  • It seems these are very appreciated by many, which please me, I have the feeling I am bringing some joy and a distraction to the pandemic we are living through.

Take care and stay safe everyone, vaccines are just around the corner!

With Love


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