The gift of observing children – Daily drawings- Week 52

From Olympic sports to children playing outside for this 52nd week of daily sketching. I found myself increasingly enjoying drawing children, their innocence, freedom of thought and joyful playfulness.

To have the chance to observe children at play is a beautiful gift. This winter has been snowy and generally mild, perfect for building snowmen and sliding down a hill.

They find so much joy in moving their bodies. Precious are moments spent with them if you can leave everything behind and become like them for a moment, live in the now without worries. I love the way they approach each task as an adventure, always interested in observing nature, even a simple piece of ice becomes a great mystery to be discovered. “How fast can I go down the mountain”, they ask, “Will I be able to take that bump?” Pushing their fear just to see what will happen…

I love watching them, how things connect in their brains, how they communicate together when they are two, how they understand each other, their smile constantly brightening on their small faces as they play outside.

Outdoors activities are permitted, even in small groups now, so let’s enjoy the outdoors, go to the park, and take some fresh air!

Stay safe

With love


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    1. Thank you Shawn! Cross country is such a wonderful activity. I hear there is not much snow left in Ontario at this time though. We still have a lot here, people really got into outdoor activities this winter! 😊

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