Beauty is all around us – Daily drawings – Week 50

This week, along with drawings from the fiftieth week of daily sketching, I want to share some of the beautiful sights I have noticed during my walks. With everything going on, a lot of people are forgetting how beautiful our world is.

These paintings are all watercolours. Evidently, Suzy’s cottage and garage were longer projects if small 5 X 7 inches. In this year where home has become so important to all of us, it was a pleasure to work on these commissions that completed a trio with the first painting of their house.

The cottage sits amid a beautiful isolated location on the shore of an impressive lake not too far from our country house. Following directions from the owner, I dragged my husband into an afternoon adventure on the mountainous roads to get there. Snapping numerous pictures of the house and surroundings, we came back excited about the drive and the amazing views we glimpsed on our way there and back.

Remembering this, I am taken back to optimism and outlook on life as I talked about last week. Changing our point of view and making a conscious effort to notice beauty all around us is paramount to a happy life.

In talking with friends, I hear that a lot of them are focused on the pandemic and what they are missing. They forget that there is something else, forget to find a different way to live.

I walk outside as much as possible. This past week, we walked in the neighbourhood and crossed a short bridge that passes over a narrow brook that winds its way behind some houses, running from the highway to Lake St-Louis.

This small brook is mostly ignored by most that go over it to get from the street to a small children’s park on the other side. Our eyes are mostly looking ahead to where we are going, our target in front, we don’t usually look or see anything around us.

It is the same in life when we have a goal and we ignore the process and all the steps we should enjoy along the way. This week, as I went over the bridge, I quickly glanced at the water on my left and saw something move. Turning to look closer, I was in awe as a whole bunch of beautiful mallard ducks swam over to us, looking up expectantly.

I never feed wild life as it is a disservice to them but I guess some people have been feeding them occasionally and when they saw us, they started to make all kinds of noise and talk to us. We stopped and observed them for a few minutes, noticing leaders, the followers, those that stayed in the back and ignored us, some that rushed over from a distance, worried they were missing something.

There is such beauty around us, moments are precious, observation of nature is priceless and free and it can bring so much calm and serenity to our days. It is such a gift, all we have to do is take a moment and look.

Take care and stay safe!


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    1. You are most welcome Margaret! Thank you for your kind words! We are going through a weird time and need to keep on seeing what is around us despite it all. Best to you 🙂

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