Art: Ennoblement of matter– Daily drawings – Week 46

Here are the drawings for the forty-sixth week of daily sketching:

As I finished the abstract month of November, I got into shoes and then clothing. This is the last Botanica abstract that I plan on making on a larger scale. The other three are on Yupo paper.

I worked on Yupo paper before and it is a lot of fun because you don’t know what to expect once it dries. I purchased a pad instead of large sheets but I found it to be very thin. I am not sure if I will mount these to a wooden panel or a canvas at a later time.

Here are the basic properties of yupo paper:

It is super-smooth, waterproof and wipes clean if you don’t like something although if you use a staining colour, there will be a bit of colour staying on the paper. It is non-porous, acid free and pH neutral, durable and will not tear. It is made of 100% polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer.

However, you must be careful once the artwork is finished. I used it years ago for larger artworks and even after three coats of varnish, the unfortunate touching with simple scotch-tape pulled the colour off. Many artists put yupo behind glass because of this. Some others say that a sealant before varnish will protect it. I have not personally experienced with this method of protection.

If you are patient and wait for the paint to dry between coats, you can easily do traditional painting on it and you will notice, you are using a lot less paint because the paper does not absorb it or the water.

I want to leave you this week on this beautiful quote from the book:

“BREATH PERCEPTION A Daily Guide to Stress Relief, Mindfulness, and Inner Peace” by Barbara Ann Kipfer. She talks about Art in these words:

“Art is both in the artist and in the work of art—in the one as a cause, in the other as the effect. What is effected is a certain ennoblement of matter, a transformation produced not merely by the hand of the artist, but by his or her thought or knowledge. The arts serve primarily as a medium of spiritual communication. Creating art is a magical form of meditation.”

I absolutely love this concept of “ennoblement of matter” when it comes to art. It is! When you take pigments, mix them with medium, water, oil and put them down on paper, canvas, wood, metal: it is magical, a transformation, truly an ennoblement. Think about ink on paper, forming words, telling a story and awakening emotions. Think about raw stone or marble, or plain soil being transformed into a sculpture or pottery. She could not say it better!

I am not sure about art being a magical form of meditation yet… Creation is often difficult and feels more stressful than meditation but when we are in the flow, Yes it is a fantastic form of meditation.

Take care and stay safe everyone and remember we are all beautiful creative beings!

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Have you considered adhesive primers (e.g. Eastman or Hardlen) to create a permanent bond between your paint film and the Yupo surface? Or you could try adding the primer solution to the paint before creating your image. And those earrings are rather wonderful!

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