10 Ideas to awaken your creativity – Daily drawings – Week 45

I am getting a bit behind with these posts. These were painted at the end of November, during the 45th week of daily drawings:

The abstractions were fun to do, letting go is always good! I absolutely love the series of abstracts I named “Botanica”. They are 10 X 10 inches painted with acrylic paints on watercolour 140 lb cold press and I am planning to glue them on wood panels. There are 6 of them, the last to be included in the next post since I am following the numbers.

So how is everyone feeling this week?

As we are all sitting waiting for the vaccine, we just found out our governments have been glossing over the situation. There are no reserves of vaccine as promised for the US and here in Canada, they are talking about delays, one day saying we are getting millions of doses before the end of the month, then backtracking and pushing it to end of February.

What can we do?

After a life changing year, we are looking for ways to get back to ourselves and we must make an effort to continue and be optimistic. Keep on creating; keep on writing and painting, drawing. Art makes us pay attention to what surrounds us and can help grounding you in the here and now.

Here are a few ideas to get you going taken from the site Daring to live fully:

1. Write 400 words about something. A few prompts: things you love, a day in your life, a friend you care about, a pet you observed, or anything at all, just 400 words.

2. Create a collage of your Bucket List. Start off by creating a list of what you want to do in your life, take a stack of magazines and cut out images that speak to you and fit your bucket list (or print images from online). Glue them on a piece of paper. Dollar store cardboards are perfect. You can write on top, add decorations, whatever, it is fun and helps to focus on what is important too.

3. Have fun creating a Poster. Get a poster board and fill it with your favourite quotes, draw an image or fill it with inspirational quotes. This will fuel your creativity. You can also get an online poster maker here:

4. Write Flash Fiction. Flash fiction contains 1000 words or less and is a complete story that contains the classic story elements: a protagonist, conflict and a resolution.

5. Become An Idea Machine. Get a writing pad and take some time to sit down every day and come up with 10 ideas that can be about anything. Examples: Money making ideas, Problem solving ideas, books you could write, paintings you could create. This is a great exercise for the brain and problem solving skills.

8. Draw Zentangles.  Creating a Zentangle is a form of artistic meditation.  Zentangles are pieces of unplanned, abstract, black and white art created with simple or complex patterns. To find out more, click here.  

9. Create an Altered Book. Take an old book you don’t want anymore and turned it into a work of art. You can fold the pages, cut them, color them, glue images on the pages, cover them pages with fabric, etc. Have fun!

10. Create animals and flowers with Origami This Japanese art form involves folding paper to create anything you wish. There is special origami paper but you can use any paper you like. An origami classic is a crane which is considered to be a mythical creature in Japan. Here is a short tutorial on making one.

Take care and stay safe !


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  1. You are truly inspiring Suzanne 🙃as are the manifestos and the collection of well-chosen words! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful tips!!!

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