Happy New Year 2021!

So… 2020 is finally over, this year that started full of hopes and that brought us all to the realisation that we can lose it all in a split second with the emergence of this little virus COVID-19.


We dealt with many challenges in 2020, some more difficult than others. On a personal level, we are all missing what is fundamentally human: touch and physical closeness with one another. As fear entered our lives and we are seeing people dying, we had to find new ways to express our love and friendship, the strongest proof now being to stay away. Climate change migration has started, millions of people now living in refugee camps in terrible conditions and facing uncertainty. And I could go on…

But things are never all bad or all good! If we think about the last year, we all had some amazing moments too.  Children were born, new relationships were forged, science advanced and the world is finally aware of climate change and many nations have the will and the means to do something about it. Everyone is more aware of discrimination and police brutality and steps are being taken to eliminate this. Because of the pandemic, we saw a record drop in global carbon emissions, the largest decline on record (7% from 2019).

The world is changing before our eyes.

All we can do is change with it and always remember to live in the present moment and embrace situations. Let go of expectations but follow your dreams!

Have a Fantastic New Year filled with surprises, happiness and health !

Be safe!

With love


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