A brand new you through cell renewal – Daily drawings- Week 43

Here are the paintings for the forty-third week of daily sketching as I am continuing that month of abstracts. These paintings are all acrylics on 140# W/C paper and approximately 6 X 6 inches.

This week, I also want to share some interesting reading I came across that give me hope.

I have talked often about impermanence and how everything in life is ever changing.

Well how about the fact that the trillions of cells that make up our body, all these cells that live and work together, live a very short life, die and are being replaced constantly.

The cycle of living and dying of our cells vary according to each body part. Some live a few hours, like our taste buds, some a few weeks, while muscle cells last about three months.

Overall, it is thought that our bodies replace about 1% of our cells every day or approximately 30% within a month and 100% per season (1). So you get a whole new you about every three months. Exciting and full of possibilities!

Whether you talk about the body, including the brain, the speed of cell renewal is not only based on a predetermined schedule, it also depends on a few key factors or signals. What you do and how you feel matter and influence this cell renewal.

One of the signals cells are listening to is movement: an active lifestyle accelerates cell renewal while a sedentary lifestyle leads to more decay. (2)

Emotions are another key signal being studied and thought to be influencing cell renewal. Positivity and negativity have similar effects as movement and stasis do.

Seeing yourself this way opens up many avenues. An almost brand new you every three months… Doesn’t it take three months to form a new habit? How about these new cells coming in and replacing the sore ones, the sick ones, the sad ones?

Love this!

And where does this bring us in times of COVID, when our bodies are looking for movement while our minds are looking for more stimulation?

As life is, all the time previously spent on getting ready to be social, being social, thinking about how to be social (meal prep, surprise others, travelling to and from, restaurants, outings, etc), all this time has now been taken over by other activities. Activities, where we try to feed our soul, improve our skills, spend more time learning, studying and relaxing too, sometimes moping…

You know the saying “if you don’t use it, you lose it” I think our social life is changed for ever. This tells me it will take at least three months after they say enough people have been immunised before we regain some of our past social life. A lot of us don’t even want to get there at this point, comfortable in our isolation and our “laissez-faire, I don’t care” attitude towards others after nine months.

But we must fight to remain positive and active during this time, especially for ourselves, because we are no use to anyone if we don’t take care of ourselves. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and since our social life has been disturbed and will continue to be for the next three to six months, it is the perfect time to create a new habit, to improve our cell renewal process.

When you think of your body as this ever changing organism, everything becomes possible.

Take care and stay Safe

With Love



1. Crowley, C. and H.S. Lodge 2004. Younger next year: A guide to living like 50 until you’re 80 and beyond. Workman. NY

2. Cotman, C.W., H.N.C. Berchtold and L. Christie. 2007. Exerxcise builds brain health: key notes of growth factor cascades and inflammation. Trends in Neurosciences 30:464-472

©2020 Suzanne Bélair

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    1. You’re welcome Elaine! Thank you for commenting. I have a friend who started working out every day without seeing any change and all of sudden, three months in, she started to lose weight and shape up. It now makes sense to me. Take care x

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