Skipping ahead for Inktober – Daily drawings- Week 38

I am skipping ahead a few weeks since we are in October and I am doing Inktober this year! I will come back to previous weeks later.

I have wanted to take part in the challenge since last year and my daily drawings project is the perfect excuse to participate. Plus I don’t have to look for prompts although I mush admit some of them are not easy to transform into drawings.

These are the drawings for the thirty-eighth week of daily sketching. The first prompt is included in the 37th week.

So what is Inktober? It’s a month long challenge encouraging artists to draw some form of ink artwork every day of the month of October from a prompt ink artist Jake Parker gives us. Here is the list of prompts for 2020:

This year Inktober has been swimming in controversy! I just found out about this today and am not sure what to think of it. I thought of stopping the challenge but I am finally getting to fun prompts so I will finish the month.

Take care and stay safe !



  1. These are lovely drawings. I must admit that I also find the prompts difficult, but I think that’s just because my artistic brain doesn’t work that way. Thanks for the link on the controversy – I had no idea all this was going on!

    1. Thank you for your comment Margaret. As for the prompts, you are right, I see on Instagram that some artists are really imaginative with their interpretation of them, I see that I am quite traditional in my thinking and need to practice inking. Have a great day!

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