Autumn, neighbourhoods and Daily drawing- Week 34

Here are the drawings for the thirty-fourth week of daily sketching:

As Autumn is now firmly installed in our lives, we watch the colours change with a certain amount of nostalgia since it announces the upcoming winter. But as I posted previously, there is the sheer beauty of it all.

Photo credit ©Suzanne Bélair 2020

Since we moved almost one year ago, we are blessed with these wonderful maples in our circle. My kitchen window looks right at them, they are the first thing I look at in the morning and they are so beautiful.

I just started to take pictures of the maples as the light hits them in just the perfect way most of the day. I should have photographed them every day for one year to follow their growth and life. Perhaps a project to consider for next year! In the meantime, I am sharing a few of the images I took this week as well as my weekly drawings.

Staying in the neighbourhood theme, I enjoyed roaming around and planning drawings and mixed a few from our country house too. This next photo was taken as the sun was coming up this morning. With the temperatures dipping to 1°C, the steam was coming off the lake.

Photo credit ©Suzanne Bélair 2020

If you want to discover some tips about drawing, I though I would share this site with you: You might already know it or not, but when I am not quite sure about something, I check back with this guy. Here is an interesting one that is always useful about basic light and shadows:

Have a great week and Stay Safe everyone !

With Love


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