Virtual exhibition on now and Daily drawing – Week 33

Here are the drawings for the thirty-third week of daily sketching that have turned into daily paintings!

Although these are all small still, I find myself adding more and more details and working longer on them at the expense of larger projects. But I said I will do one year so I plug on, still 3 ½ months to go!


I also wanted to mention our artist group is presenting a virtual exhibition right now. It started September 25th and will run until October 23rd. I am pleased to say I sold a painting on the first day. I find it exciting since the buyer was completely unknown to me and she purchased a very special painting that I truly love.

So here it is:

Forest Confection, a much textured acrylic, 10 x 10 ©Suzanne Bélair


If you would like to check out the exhibit, just click on this Link . 25% of proceeds go to a charity that helps feed people: On Rock Community Services and Food bank.


During this week of drawings, I changed theme and am starting a series about neighbourhood. I had fun going around and taking pictures of certain businesses in the Pointe-Claire village and around Beaconsfield!


Take care and Stay safe!





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