There is something good in your life! – Daily drawing – Week 32

Here is a little humour this morning. If any of you don’t remember Lucille Ball, she was a very successful comedian back in the 60’s white a show that ran for years called “I love Lucy”. I must say I was never a big fan at the time but I was probably too young to appreciate her humour.

But seriously, to say that 2020 is a challenging year so far is an understatement and fails to convey the true depth of the corona virus’s impact on our lives.

This pandemic has robbed people of loved ones, of jobs, routines, social structures, and in many cases, hope.

So there are official numbers of death, infections, hospitalizations, but they don’t begin to show how our lives have been upended in dramatic fashion. Impacts are being felt much more widely than what we see in the official numbers.

Many studies show increase in clinical depression and anxiety. As a society, we have made great strides in recent years to broaden the general population’s understanding of mental health and the need to seek help. However, in many regions, services have not become more accessible, especially for people facing financial hardship and job loss.

As the numbers of Covid-19 cases are going up and a second wave is anticipated, let’s keep hope alive, let’s follow the rules as best we can and keep on smiling.

We are in this together and must be supportive of each other in the face of this virus.

As can be seen, I was not finished with my travel theme during this thirty-second week of daily painting.

224- Striped cabanas on beach

I have painted most of these from my own travel pictures. Going through these brought back a lot of happy memories so they were fun to work on.  We were hoping to resume travelling this fall but have come to realize this will not happen, even if airline companies are now offering COVID insurance, we just want to stay close to home.

In the meantime, while this semi-pause stretches, let’s continue taking it one day at a time and taking care of ourselves, our body, by continuing to move and feeding it healthy food, and our mind by meditating and reconnecting with your spiritual side, by enjoying our friends and family, while respecting our distances.

Undoubtedly, one of most important ingredients to happiness is learning to savour your life’s positive experiences whether in the past, present or future. People that have lived through harrowing experiences appreciate where they are today. Why can’t we do this now?

There is something good in your life that you can focus on. Reminiscing on happy past happenings, enjoying your present by being mindful and living fully, relishing ordinary experiences, observing nature , sharing your thoughts with others and listening to their musings. These are a few ideas to make your life a little better and enrich your human experience as well as that of people around you.

Thank you for reading and Best to all!

We will get through these difficult times!



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