Opinions from others, good or bad?- Daily drawing- Week 30

How was everyone’s week now that we face increasing evidence that Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon?


Here, we are slowly but surely moving into fall, leaves already starting to turn and schools resuming. The new routines that have entered our lives are here to stay, everything being organized around sanitary measures that have now become part of our lifestyle and will remain so for years to come.


As artists, we have the advantage of being able to keep on creating and ideas abound. Our writer’s group has resumed a few weeks ago. Meetings are held outside and limited to a maximum of 10 but renewing these face-to-face human encounters do us a world of good. As we are planning to move inside soon, we spend a lot of hours speculating about the number, the distance, the disinfection measures. Not many have a room big enough to accommodate 10 people that sit 6 ft apart. Some are afraid and just flatly refuse to move inside. But it is OK. Everybody does what they are comfortable with.


When it comes to art, writing and painting, the only thing that can stop us from creating is our inner critic and opinions of others if we take them too much at heart. Everyone has an opinion about what you do. Some love and praise your work, some probably hate it. Some remain quiet while others comment and question your decisions. The one thing to remember is that you shouldn’t try to please everyone because it is impossible. It will only leave you unsatisfied and sad.


When it comes to works in progress, I sometimes like to show where I am in a project but when we do this, we have to realize that others cannot envision where we want to bring our work. They see what is in front of them at that moment in time and then form an opinion on this. My husband will often tell me he thinks a painting is finished when I am still planning hours of work on it.


Listening to opinions from others, you might get away from your own vision. If you want to create something that is uniquely yours, the best thing is to work and follow your idea. Trust yourself and follow your own path. Acknowledge the opinions, but don’t be driven by them.


Exceptionally, you will get some constructive criticism that will move your work forward, bring you an Ahhh.. moment. But don’t worry, you will know when this happens.


This week, I am presenting the drawings for the thirtieth week of daily sketching, continuing travel theme in watercolour and digital portraits. These were fun to do and I finally finished Ms. Pearl Major, probably spent over 10 hours on this one!


Have a great week, take care of yourself, stay healthy and open your heart to your own creative energy!


With Love




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