Portraits and travel theme- Daily drawing- Week 28

Here are the drawings for the twenty-eight week of daily sketching

196- Structure behind Mike’s muse – 4B pencil


My good friend Josiane turned 65 this week and I thought I would make her a special card with her portrait on top. She was quite happy with it.

As I am continuing with the travel theme, I find painting digitally very rewarding but I obviously don’t keep at 30 minutes anymore.


If you are ready to explore portrait drawing and/or digital portraits, check out the Sktchy app or their website at https://get.sktchy.com/ . Some of the teachers also have You Tube videos that are accessible for free. I particularly enjoy France Van Stone who is a fantastic portrait artist and is generous with her tips while she draws.


My favourite painting this week is definitely #193- Kori – The blue background was added almost at the end. It made everything pop and I love the way it peeks through her hair and skin.


With #196, I wanted to show how a portrait is built up using the Loomis method. There are a few different methods but I really like this one because it takes into account the whole head and you have to think about the planes of the face before anything else. First and foremost, it is about understanding the anatomy of the human head, not about copying an image.


I completed Mike’s muse and will post it next week. J


I hope you enjoyed seeing these.


Stay safe and enjoy your creative moments!


Thank you for reading




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