Virtual travels- Daily drawing- Week 27

Here are the drawings for the twenty-seventh week of daily sketching








WOW I am over the cap of half a year last week and am officially in the second half of my journey of one year of daily drawings. This week, I am tackling a new theme “TRAVEL” as I am continuing with some digital portraits in between to complete the 30Faces/30Days challenge.

We all miss travelling and with the border closed for another month to all non essential travelling, we probably have to put any travel plans on hold for now. So why not travel through books and the internet as we start to appreciate and improve our homes?

We all like to immerse ourselves in a country’s life and culture and especially the people but virtual visits are good too when you can’t go in person, and much less costly.


Here are some sites you might enjoy:


From famous landmarks to museums to outdoor adventures, shows, concerts, wildlife and gardens, this Buzzfeed site has it all:


Another site presents 14 Virtual Travel Tours, from Coral Reefs to Egyptian Tombs. This site brings you to Full length YouTube documentaries on 14 amazing travel destinations without the price tag:


Also, the Smithsonian Magazine site presents a collection of coverage dedicated to virtual reality experiences, digital exhibits and books:


I hope you get to explore these destinations virtually for now. It is also a great way to plan future travels. Enjoy and Stay safe !





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