Daily drawing- Week 25 – Getting into Digital !

Well, here they are, my first digital portraits done during my twenty-fifth week of daily sketching


As I am navigating through the courses, I am learning Procreate, spending time on YouTube to figure out simple things like putting my picture beside my work in progress to different useful tools like Transform etc. My project of daily painting, sticking to 30 minutes for the quick sketches has morphed into hours of practice and studying the different techniques and I am quickly falling behind.


Six teachers are giving the classes. Techniques range from simple lines as used in Comic strips, Black and white hatching,  to Colors and anatomy. Each teacher has his or her own technique they want to share. Not all of them are precise or explain every step so I have to put in a lot of time researching and understanding what I am seeing on the screen.


Sometimes, I get stuck on a concept or a technique, especially if a minute step has been skipped. This is the case with Day 16, which I have been struggling with for two weeks with no end in sight. Others feel more natural or are easier to deal with. Some of the subjects I love while some I don’t appreciate at all. This week, everything was fresh and I liked them all.


Overall, I enjoy it very much. The flexibility of the tool is amazing and it is a great way to plan paintings to do later in another medium.


The fact that you can work in separate layers is great too. If you don’t like part of what you make, you just eliminate the layer. That first week, I found it very tricky not to jump between layers and got very confused as to where I was most of the time.


I plan to do all 30 portraits but as we are nearing the end of the month, I also enjoy mixing some other art in between so that it doesn’t become too tedious.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these today and that your week was creative whatever your medium!


Thank you for reading and stay safe!





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      1. Different, more organized, quicker but not easier as you know. Didn’t you used to paint in acrylics? I consider it as a medium in its own and as with any other medium, there are a lot of technical aspects that need to be mastered like the effect of layering. I like that you can eliminate a full layer if you wish, something I would love to be able to do in oils or acrylics. I like it but find it hard in the eyes. Another advantage is zooming in and out for details. 😊 what about you ? You seem to enjoy it a lot too 😊

      2. I enjoyed acrylic painting very much but it was so expensive because I paint very quickly and I soon had over 100 canvases. My aim with digital is to try and create something that looks like it’s been painted the traditional way. I dislike the cartoonish digital paintings. It’s true digital painting is harder on the eyes yet great for deleting mistakes. I still have so much to learn, I don’t use lots of the features available because I enjoy the challenge and want to keep it real.

    1. Thank you Shawn! The digital paintings are very long actually.I just spend a lot of time on them, way more than I anticipated. Some I can get done in 3 hours, others stretch to 5-6… I also find it hard on the eyes even if I really like doing them 🙂

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