Daily drawing- Week 24 – Hummingbirds


This summer is turning out to be one of the best one weather-wise and one of the most stressful one because of the pandemic. The government finally ordered everyone to wear a mask in all indoor public places after Montreal decided to implement it.


If most people were wearing a mask around our area and in town, up until last Monday, it was very different as soon as you would step out of the city. It seems that people living in “les regions” (outlying areas and outside urban centers) were oblivious to the fact that the virus is very contagious and opportunistic.


For the first time, we went into a store yesterday in the Eastern Townships and only saw covered faces. It was in a way reassuring but also shocking, a tangible proof that you could no longer ignore the fact that we are in the midst of a pandemic.


As for the weather, it is very good for the plants that like plenty of sun. I planted a bed of red monarda in the country in the hopes that their bright colour would attract hummingbirds which I love so much and fascinate me. I didn’t know you could also eat their leaves in salads and do tea with the flowers. They are thriving and actually getting out of control and will need dividing in the fall but the little birds are coming and loving them.


So during this twenty-fourth week of daily sketching, I painted 6 hummingbirds in a row and then, I registered to do the “30Faces/30Days” July challenge which I started one day late on July 2nd.


I am very excited to finally learn how to use procreate on my I-pad. I downloaded the program 2 years ago and dabbled with it before but only got frustrated at everything I couldn’t figure out. I am hoping this challenge will help.


It involves six teachers and we learn a new technique or even several new techniques with every individual portrait we paint.


The first one this week was about Darks and lights and how to look at a subject with these global values in mind. His name is Dan and it is my drawing # 168. I had trouble at the beginning with the canvas size and positioning of the subject so this first portrait ended up crooked and low definition. I will probably rework it at one point in the future.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these today


Thank you for reading and stay safe!




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