More summer colours and Love – Daily drawing- Week 23

This week, I had the great joy of spending two and a half days with my little loves and my daughter at our country house.  It’s amazing to be able to spend time with small children and see life through their eyes for a few days.  The energy expended on exploring and enjoying everything around them is fascinating. The four-year-old reflects tirelessly as his questions and comments on everything around him illustrate.

The two-year-old is more instinctive and curious in a different way than her brother but shows as much intelligence.

What a joy to live at their pace even if the body has a little trouble keeping up. Awake early, there is no respite from their thirst for learning and the exciting discoveries the day will bring.

But what fascinates me most is their joy for life and their ability to concentrate for their age, as well as their determination to master their bodies and concepts, never giving up. At four, Justin is already swimming and challenges himself to go further from shore and jumps into deeper water. Alexa is learning to master going up and down high irregular steps and climbing various game modules at the park.

Their staying here was the highlight of my week. When they leave, I am left with impressions of their little hands in mine, their soft small body against mine, their laughter and wonder at life and nature and I try, for a few days, to hold on to this perspective. Love for them fills me and I can’t wait to hold them in my arms again! I feel blessed to have them in my life.

This week, I continued on the momentum of summer colors and themes with butterflies, flowers and another series of small abstracts in the same warm colors.

Here they are:

155- Tiger Swallowtail

156- Tiger Swallowtail 2

157- Goldfish

158- Having fun with abstracts – Summer colors 4-6 (separate posts)

159- Lily

160- Peony

161- Calla lily

Thank you for reading and stay safe!


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