Summer colours – Daily drawing- Week 22

Here are the drawings for the twenty-second week of daily sketching:

148- Tools of the trade

149- Sous la pluie

150- Summer vibes – Sunflower

151- Summer flavours- Blueberries

152- Summer flavours- Strawberries- Digital painting

153- Summer colors- Forest

154- Having fun with abstracts – Summer colors 1-3

I don’t know how it is in your part of the world but here, there are no longer any reasons why sceptics can doubt climate change and the earth warming. We have been in the midst of a heat wave since May and it is not letting up, hitting 43-44C with Humidex most days for the last month or so. These have been the hottest months of May and June in history.

It is also extremely dry and when it rains, it pours for a short time.  Everything gets soaked then evaporates under the hot returning sun without a chance of penetrating the cracked earth. Plants are suffering, some adapt, nonetheless summer colours are out everywhere.

So the drawings of this 22nd week are all about summer, warm summer colours and delicious summer flavours. I always marvel at this time of the year. I find it always goes by too fast. I love summer!

I painted the forest and the small abstracts in acrylics. I had fun with them  and was happy with the results. I wanted the movement and energy to come through.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these today

Thank you for reading and stay safe!


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