Paint with abandon – Daily drawing- Week 20

Last week my grandson was over and wanted to go to my studio to paint. Watching him was so inspiring. At four years old, he was so concentrated, so focused and enjoyed himself so much!

He chose all his own colours from tubes of watercolour I had around, picked one paintbrush he particularly liked and tackled his project with abandon. Sitting beside him, I found it hard to remember when was the last time I had so much fun while painting.

The problem is that annoying inner critic who points its ugly head and whispers in my ear robbing me of pleasure during the process, worrying about results.

This is why I started the project of daily drawing for one year, which is turning more and more into daily painting.

I must say that since spending time with him, I can’t wait to go into my studio and paint most days. I too am now painting with joyful abandon and will be posting soon about a new series.

Here is the twentieth week of daily sketching

134- Dryocampa moth

135- Ready to go (babygirl)

136- Iris

137- Iris 2

138- Indigenous orchid

139- Another orchid

140- Rooster

I hope you enjoyed seeing these.

Stay safe and enjoy your creative moment!

Thank you for reading!



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  1. I especially love the irises and the rooster! I’m here in my studio now, putting together some ideas for my next project with our grandson, Madox. I think we’re going to splash colors all over cardstock and turn them into paper lanterns (with battery-powered tea lights.) I think they would be lovely sitting out near the garden on a summer’s evening.

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