Creativity, mindset and process – Daily drawing- Week 19

Here are the drawings for the nineteenth week of daily sketching:

This week, I continued with the ocean theme again except for #131, a little crab-spider I spotted in my garden. She was really funny, when I started taking photos of her, she slowly moved to underneath the leaf, probably thinking she was hiding really well. I found out her name is Misumena vatia of the Thomisidae family.

Last post, I mentioned the conference on creativity I attended through Zoom, given by Karim Aktouf who was super interesting and inspiring!

Here are things I took away.

  • First he spoke about the creative mindset, and how it is the same across all fields, creative jobs and endeavours, also that our state of mind affects our creativity. I had listened to a podcast that week and the speaker talked about the link between state of mind and creativity. It is something to remember, especially when we fall into a “non-creative mood” because something is affecting our lives and we end up blaming ourselves for our lack of creativity and motivation. We need to be open and share out creative ideas. We are always more creative when we collaborate. Collaboration is better than a competition mindset.
  • To maintain the creative mindset, you must keep a beginner’s mind. You must have the attitude of the baby taking his first steps. Babies don’t give up, they keep at it until they walk. Since we basically never “get it right” the first time, we have to keep on trying. Learning for the sake of leaning and playing are both important. It is what I am doing with my daily drawings. Every day a new subject, and each time, I learn something new either about the medium, the paper or the technique, whether I like the subject or not, if I’ll develop it further eventually, etc. If you paint, you must learn the language of painting before, if you write, you must learn sentences and turns of phrases. His advice is to learn every aspect of any subject we are interested in, to explore different paths to learn from them. If learning remains the most important our brain loves to make connections and gets new ideas from playing.
  • We have to eliminate or at least reduce our own imaginary constraints. This creates fear and stops creativity. We invent constraints with people, what they think of us, how we think of them. Try anything and everything you want. You cannot know if you will enjoy or be good at anything until you try.
  • Failing is a necessary part of the creative process, so don’t be afraid to fail and don’t give up because you have failed several times. Failure is a learning opportunity so keep trying. Learning requires effort.
  • You must step out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the chaos, enjoy the unknown. Being creative is to be uncomfortable 97% of the time. When you face the unknown, there is discomfort. When you are in front of a blank canvas, It does feel like chaos sometimes. We have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you are comfortable, you stop being creative. Be curious and remain open. The solution will emerge gradually.
  • Iteration or the process of doing something again and again with the goal of improvement is necessary. What is important is that you do your best every time. In society, all we show is success. When we visit a museum, we see the result of many years of failures and efforts, all we are shown is the outcome, the masterpiece.
  • Finally, storytelling is important. Your painting, your writing has to have a story with a beginning, a trigger and a final context. The viewer, the reader wants to understand, wants to be swept up into your painting, into your story.

Being creative is being emotional. It is telling the world “This is who I am”.

I hope you enjoyed these drawings and creativity tips.

Stay safe.

Thank you for reading!



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