Towards a better world? Daily drawing- Week 18

Here are the drawings for the eighteenth week of daily sketching, continuing with the ocean theme:

Last week, I had the opportunity to see a conference on creativity given by Karim Aktouf, an artist, creative consultant and content creator.

His presentation was excellent and brought home some very important concepts we often forget. And I thought this week’s blog was going to be all about creativity and how to stimulate ours.

But the focus of the last two weeks has been the horror of George Floyd’s May 25th murder on camera for all to see and the demonstrations that followed since then. I don’t usually talk about politics but how can I not talk about this?

Why did it take such a horrific act to wake up populations to do something about racism? Will governments all around the world see and act for real change finally?

The Unites States of America used to be a World moral beacon, a country and a democracy everyone looked up to. But now, with a narcissistic despot for president, it has become the opposite. In three years, the man has managed to destroy what the forefathers took hundreds of years to put in place.

His reaction to the demonstrations is very telling and expected. Showing a total lack of empathy, he is only thinking about his own self-preservation without no hint of comprehension of the situation.

It is distressing and sad that black parents have to have « the conversation » with their young children so that they know how to « handle » themselves if they happen to meet a policeman on the street. The fear is real and we must acknowledge it.

We are all part of the human race. Luckily, my children were brought up in a multicultural environment. On our small street, there were people of Chinese, Sri Lanka, Italian, African, and Korean origins, all Canadians. We all talked and respected each other. The children played together, went to school together and forged friendships that are still alive today.

Some are asking why it is more difficult for black people than people of other origins to “make” it in America. Martin Luther King responded to that question in 1962, explaining that the difference with black people is that their ancestors were brought over to America unwillingly as slaves, were mistreated as cheap labour, their marriages not recognized, their children sold, an awful terrible predicament. When immigrants arrived from Europe, they were given land to start them off. When black people were freed from slavery, losing their homes and livelihood, they were not given anything to start.

As white people, we can pretend to understand, but we can’t. All we can do is support their plight as human beings that have the right to a good life and the right to have an equal chance at building a future.

My hope now is that the world is really changing. This Covid-19 made us all realize that something unannounced can pop up, another virus, another threat that can destroy the human race. We have to stick together. We have to make our lives matter, everybody’s life matters. Black lives matter just as much as everyone else’s.

Screenshot from news coverage

I am proud of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who took the knee during last Friday’s march against racism in Ottawa. The man is not afraid to walk with his citizens for what he believes in and to show he understands and respects their plight. Now we have to hope for real lasting change.

Life is short. Enjoy your creative moments and be part of the change. A peaceful demonstration my husband attended on Sunday took place at a nearby park. A minister told the crowd to take five minutes every day to reflect on how to be a better person. If everyone becomes a little better, so will the World. This is my hope.

Stay safe.

Thank you for reading!



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  1. Good day Suzanne. I am glad to have read this post. Thank you for the insights and thoughts on the recent issues. I find warmth, fairness and open mindedness in this post. Wish you a good day. Stay safe and healthy. 💐

    1. Hi Shawn thank you for your thoughts. I never thought of listing the drawings or paintings. I tried putting it in the slideshow at one time but it was taking away part of the drawing. I realize now it might be useful. One whale tail and one sea lion 😊

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