Turtle conservation and your creativity journey- Daily drawing- Week 17

Here are the drawings for the seventeenth week of daily sketching:

As you can see, this week’s drawings continue with the Ocean theme, featuring, amongst these, some sea turtles.

I found out last week that May 22nd was World Turtle day!

As one of the world’s most resilient reptiles, turtles are fascinating. They have survived an estimated 200 million years.

Here in Canada, there are eight species of native freshwater turtles and unfortunately, all are considered at risk. 

One of the big reasons for this is road mortality. In the May/June nesting season, pregnant turtles often lay eggs on the side of roads, in the soft shoulders, especially near wetland areas.

Turtles reach sexual maturity between 10 and 20 years old, so cannot lay eggs before that. It is a long time, so we have to make sure we protect turtles so they can reach reproduction age.

One of the ways to protect them is to learn how to move them off the road if you see one trying to cross it.

There is an instructional video at HelpTheTurtles.ca. that will teach you how to do this. The site also shows you how to build a turtle nest protector and teaches other important information about protecting turtles.

In the meantime, we humans are still trying to deal with this corona virus and keep on creating. 

Here are a few tips to continue on your creativity journey:

Spend some time outside. We need isolation and solitary studio time to focus on projects. But art feeds on what we see and feel, meeting people and new experiences. We can’t travel far right now but a good walk in your neighbourhood does a world of good, even as you practice distanciation.

Buy the best art supplies you can afford and use your supplies with abandon. It feels good and your work will improve too.

Paint / Draw / Write as much as you can, each technique feeds and enhances the other, bringing ideas, intuition and flow.

Don’t give up, keep on working, don’t worry if you don’t finish your painting or drawing because you are a little short on time, your brain is learning. You’ll finish tomorrow. Enjoy the process.

Life is short. Enjoy your creative moments.

Stay safe.

Thank you for reading!



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    1. Thank you ! Scenes from the window are great to observe changes in nature as seasons change but also I’m sure you notice something different every day. Wishing you well too 😊

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