First Online Holiday dinner – Daily drawing – Week 13

Here are the drawings of the thirteenth week of daily sketching:



Easter marked the first Holiday get-together that had to be lived online.

I must say it was a success for our family although we missed the hugs and kisses. However, we feel lucky to be going through this pandemic during this age of technology. To be able to touch base with family and organise virtual dinners almost as good as real ones is priceless.

We are a pretty loud family. With 8 adults and two young children, there are always a lot of conversations going when we meet in person. At Easter, we usually swell to 14 adults as we include extended family so it becomes boisterous and a lot of fun. Of course, this was out of the question for an online dinner as you have to be a lot more disciplined and give everyone the chance to talk. This can only be achieved through one device at a time. But it’s still fun.

The day before was pretty emotional. We went over to my daughter’s house to bring Easter presents for the grandchildren.

In her mother’s arms, the little one was quite excited to see us. Her happy welcoming smile turned to total confusion when she saw that we staying at the bottom of the stairs outside.

The 4 year old understands he has to stay at a distance. After saying hi and blowing kisses, he concentrated his energy on pulling the large cardboard box containing their presents inside. We chatted a bit and left.

The twenty minute ride back was really sad. Thinking I won’t be able to hold them for a while is painful.

So it is in life, one sad nostalgic day followed by an exciting one. We feel blessed to have such a great family and that everyone is healthy right now.

For the drawings: I had fun that week concentrating on a few Easter inspired drawings and more animals. I used all kinds of techniques and different papers.

I want to thank Angelilie and her blog ( for the idea of the kitten in the basket of wool.

The small painting of the fox marked the 90th day of daily painting! Wow, this daily drawing is great motivation especially since there is still not enough time for big projects.

The day after, I heard the loon was back at the lake. It was a much needed reminder that despite the cold and even the snow of a few days ago, spring is coming. I can’t wait to hear his wailing call for his partner and then her response.

The loon’s drawing is on mat photo paper. Something I will not use again for paintings. I thought it would have a nice smooth texture and be able to hold the inks well which it did. However, but it is very difficult to erase pencil marks and it did not take the pigment from the colour pencils very well. I used Liquitex inks and pencil.

I you want to hear the loon’s wail, go to: .

Thank you for reading and stay safe!



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  1. I love these paintings and I know what you mean about cuddling our loved ones , I’m sure it will be all the more special when we eventually get the chance to hug again 🤗

  2. Wow the sketches look amazing! You did all this in one day!!?

    Also, yess. I miss the hugs too. :((
    Very badly.

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