Some hope – Daily drawing – Week 12

Here are the drawings of the twelth week of daily sketching:




This week is all about animals, a friend’s dog, a squirrel I saw making his nest in one of our trees, industrious, running up and down the tree to fetch leaves and other materials, cardinals and others.


I obtained the bright color on the cardinal with inks that I am using more and more when I want a vibrant saturated color. Still not happy with watercolour paper, I went back to my book for some in colour pencil.


I really don’t want to talk about the virus but it is all around us and pretty constantly on our minds.


This week has been emotional. As the number of victims is on the rise, so is anxiety. Our writing group now sends their writing on line and we are inundated with comments and advise. Everyone’s concerns and worries are starting to affect my optimism.


One of the comments that circulated was worded like this, following a description of children’s games we used to play: “I wonder if our children will devise a game based on COVID-19. If they can put their iPhones aside for a while, I imagine they will. But it will surely be a computer game. My old self feels that is kinda sad.”


To this I want to say:


Don’t be too sad for the kids. I think kids will be fine, they always bounce back.


They now get time to spend with their parents. I see mothers and fathers raking the grass and playing ball with their children, when, normally, they would have been driving them to soccer, swimming lessons or hockey practice, then rush to the grocery store, trying to get everything done in the few hours.


Yes this whole thing is scary but I think this episode is generally good for families, especially that of young children but also for older kids…


I see my neighbour’s 14 year son and 12 year old daughter holding bike competitions, riding for hours, exercising outside everyday and laughing together.


This interlude is giving parents time to get to know their children without the stress and fatigue brought about by work.


I hear comments like “I just realized I wasn’t truly taking care of my kids” from people who thought they were doing “everything right”, going to work to pay that house while the kids try to make the best they can of daycare, becoming “social” and learning to cope with near constant noise, cries, fear and loss.


Parents want to make a “home” but sometimes forget that “a home” is made of love and time spent together and of doing things together. At times, just sitting side by side is good enough.


There will be time enough to get back to real life but as I look around, I see more happiness, more respect. Suddenly, everyone realises we are all human and we are all in the same boat.


We are in the midst of a collective wake-up call and I am hoping some of the lessons learned will remain.


Suddenly, everything is being re-assessed, reflected upon and changes that normally would have taken years are put in place.


We finally understand the notions of solidarity, collaboration and vulnerability.


I am hoping the lessons stay with us when we get back to our “new normal”.






Thank you for reading and stay safe!





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  1. Thank you Suzanne for sharing your optimism and recognizing some positive side-effects of this frightening time. We are all in this together and hope the lessons learned – big and small will prevail.

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