What about time? – Daily drawing – Week 11

Here are the drawings of the eleventh week of daily sketching:



Did you notice?


Surprisingly, the more confined we become, the less time I seem to have. How could this be? You would think that with all the time saved not having to drive anywhere for appointments (now handled through telephone) or exercise classes (three times a week through Zoom), time would magically multiply.


Part of the answer is that I learned to slow down a little without feeling too guilty. But also with all this time to reflect and be creative, new activities pop up. The morning walks are getting longer.  I read a lot. Actually, I read pretty much constantly. Everyday, we try to catch the 1 pm update from our prime minister, which triggers discussions as we sit for another hour drinking that second tea. Suddenly, you look at the clock and it’s time to get supper ready. How did we handle everything before?  This is amazing.


So this week I decided to explore watercolour, a medium I am not familiar with. I am using 140lb Arches watercolour paper my friend gave me when she moved to 300lb quality. What I like about watercolour: It is much faster than the pencils to fill out an area with colour. It is less messy than oil and acrylics. I am slowly taming the medium and the paper, it is not easy, I do not like the grain of the paper and I find it very difficult to obtain vibrant colors, which I love.



I hope you enjoyed these.


Thank you for reading and stay safe!






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  1. So inspiring Suzanne – you have accomplished so much & the watercolours are lovely! I don’t know where the time goes but there still never seems to be enough! Take care & stay SAFE!!!

    1. Thank you Elaine 😊 I didn’t want to write on the virus but it is on everyone’s mind… I wrote a longer piece on time that I might put on the blog eventually. Take care and stay safe x

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