Signs of Spring – Daily drawing – Week 10

Here are the drawings of the tenth week of daily sketching:


I am behind with my postings, these were created from March 20th to 26th.


As the weather warms and our walks have been stretching further and further, we notice more signs of spring. The geese have arrived but also robins and chickadees are everywhere, loud and excited.


One morning, the air was moist and it was very foggy. We couldn’t see anything on the lake but could hear thousands of geese on the water, loud and joyous. They always stop here during their trek north.


All of these signs of revival inspired me during these weeks and despite the restrictions, I have hope that life will go on.


This week all the drawings are in colour pencils.



Thank you for reading and stay safe!






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    1. Thank you so much Patricia for your comment and the information! I didn’t know about the Lily and Virgin Mary. I guess ot is why a lot of the old images had the flowers with her.

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