Daily drawing – Week 9 – Walking !

Here are the drawings of the ninth week of daily sketching. Wow I broke the two months mark!



We started walking more and more around our area, keeping our distances of course. I’ve always been a big walker and am happy to see that the habit is taking over everybody now that it has become the main activity you can do outside while still abiding by the safety rules.


It is too early to start with the gardening yet and the children’s parks have been closed since the last week to prevent the spread of Covid-19 to children, so people walk.


Walking south from our house for about 15 minutes brings us to a secluded street lined with large residences sitting on properties that span to the water. This one-way street is mostly free of cars. One third of the street is dedicated to walkers and the balance to bikers. In between some of the houses, there are small parks where you can go down to the water. There is also a large park on the north side of the street, with climbing modules, swings and slides for kids. But it is now closed.


Walking everyday, you notice the minute changes in nature and feel spring coming. The last drawing is definitely inspired by this. One day, we walked to one of the parks near the water and could observe hundreds of geese on the horizon. Real pests they are on small lakes and golf courses but it is always nice to hear them when they come back north, a sure sign that Spring is here!


Here are a few pictures from that day:


Hundreds of geese on Lac St-Louis, far from shore
Les bernaches sur le Lac St-Louis au loin
The edge of the lake at St-Louis park

About the drawings:

Orchids # 2. These are in my daughter’s kitchen window and beautiful! In full bloom right now, I took several pictures that I will revisit the subject for sure.

The yaka (not yuka) is a tree we saw in Mexico, lining the streets of Sayulita, apparently with aphrodisiac properties !

I was inspired to do the cacti, red ginger plant and heliconia from pictures I took when we visited the wonderful Vallarta Botanical Gardens in Mexico a few years ago.

The Canada geese don’t have their babies until later in the season of course, but I felt like drawing one.


I hope you enjoy these.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!


 With love-



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