Daily drawing – Week 8


Here are the drawings of the eight week of daily sketchings I did from March 6th to 12th:


As you can see, I broke my tropical streak with the hemlock from near our house.

One of the problems I am encountering with keeping all these drawings in the same book is that I am now spray varnishing the finished drawings. If not, the pencil bleeds from the back of the page on the previous page’s drawing. This is great to conserve the picture but not so great for the next one I draw on the recto of the page… Hence it is creating a problem with the pigment absorbing poorly into the paper if I stick to color pencils as can be seen in the Hemlock drawing.

This week, I added watercolour to most of the drawings creating mini paintings.

I focused on signs of Spring and anticipation of colourful flowers and insects. I hope you enjoy these. I really enjoy drawing nature.

If you are wondering, I take all the photos with a Sansung phone, nothing fancy.

Thank you for reading and stay safe!




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    1. Thank you so much Elaine, I am no expert and often disapointed with the results, I have never really touched it until a few weeks ago. I find I can sometimes reach a satisfying result by mixing it with color pencils 🙂

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